Everyone at the airport stopped when the service dog laid down and started whimpering

Despite all the controversy regarding service animals, people still love to see a Labrador retriever trained to help. It happened at the Tampa International Airport with passengers full of excitement when seeing this service dog got through security gate. However, when the Labrador retriever laid down and started whimpering, there was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all the viewers..

Suddenly, the dog couldn’t walk anymore. And not because of some illnesses as everyone thought, but for some unexpected miracle. The dog was actually pregnant.

The beautiful Lab, named Eleanor Rigby, was pregnant when her owner was about to board the flight. However, she expected for her dog to give birth only in a few days. However what Diane Van Atter would have never expect was her dog her going into labor while waiting to board the plane at the gate.

Regardless how inconvenient the situation was, they didn’t have a choice, so they lie Eleanor down and allow nature to take its course. And as the dog went into labor, whimpers were heard all over the terminal, so the scene couldn’t pass unnoticed by the whole airport. After all, there was nothing but a truly adorable moment. And a one you won’t see to often, especially in an airport.

Luckily for the mother-to-be , she wasn’t the only dog in there, as her mate olden Nugget was also accompanying the family.

Everyone boarding Gate F80 watched as Eleanor Rigby gave them a free lesson in the miracles of life. And with eight adorable puppies coming out right after each other, there was quite an experience to be witness at.

Passengers put away their books and their phones to watch nature unfold before them at the gate. One passenger told Fox News 13, “I was here since puppy five. It’s on Instagram. We’re getting a lot of likes.”

Kristin Hamilton also used the opportunity to give her followers on Instagram a show.


And the rescue crew got rewarded for their efforts as all the puppies were named after them. “They have our names of course!” paramedic Natalie Brown told. And of course, the last one’s Natalie, it’s a girl!” “And number two is Larry,” her colleague Larry Glanton said..

Although the happy family missed their flight, they found their way home to Philadelphia in time.

Source: http://tinmoi.newspets.info

Elephant cub rescued after falling into 30 feet deep well in India

An elephant calf’s misfortune turned into a pretty complicated rescue operation, in a remote Indian village, after falling into a well.

Twitter/ Shashikant Verma

The poor baby elephant has accidentally fell into the 30 feet deep well, located in the Nimatand village, in the state of Jharkhand, Eastern India. Earlier this month, the calf adventured into the village alongside its herd from a nearby forest. The herd was eventually shooed away by the locals. Since the scene happened during the night, the poor elephant has been discovered into the well, only later in the morning.

“Unluckily, in the dark of the night, an elephant calf fell into the well,” Shashikant Verma – a local official, told the media. Even though the water level was pretty high and the calf fell from a considerable height, it miraculously escaped unharmed. “The water level wasn’t high enough, but the calf got some buoyancy after falling and didn’t get any injuries,” Verma added.

Twitter/ Shashikant Verma

However, it took a bunch of workers, three backhoes and a dramatic rescue that took nearly eight hours to save the unlucky elephant calf. But in the end it worth all the effort as the little one was freed unharmed. It was pretty confused and it surely got the fright of its life, though!

Heroic dog dives in water to rescue drowning kitten, piggybacks her to safety

This heartwarming video show animals never hesitate to put their own lives on the line to save someone in need. Though dogs and cats are not getting along pretty well, a brave puppy jumps into action – without a second thought – when spotted a cat that was struggling to find herself a way out from the water.

The surreal scene unfolded in front of a passerby in Turkey. Even if she could not believed her eyes, the woman that witnessed the incredible moment find the gut to capture it on her cellphone.

It is unknown how the poor kitten ended up in the water, but one thing is for sure. Shortly after she found herself stuck in the pond, she got a helping paw where she expected the less. A dog that was passing by spotted her and immediately jumped to help her.

Incredibly, the altruist puppy dived into the water, then swiftly got under the desperate cat, piggybacked her on his back and take her out. But even though he had safely taken the drowning cat on shore, the brave dog seems like he also got stuck there, but after a couple of attempts the confident puppy finally made it back on dry land.

You can watch the incredible rescue, here:

Heroic Border Collie awarded for saving over 100 koalas from Australia’s bushfires

Sometimes, dogs are more like superpower heroes than furry companions, even though calling a dog a hero may sound like a cliche. A couple of years ago, we presented you a dog whose heroic actions might help to preserve a species. With the devastating bushfires seriously treating Australia’s native koalas, a special gifted Border Collie was putting his life on the line to rescue the helpless marsupials from fire. Now, the heroic dog got the recognition he deserved after being awarded by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).


Bear – a Border Collie-Koolie cross – is one of the only few dogs in the world, gifted by a particularly skill that allows him to smell injured koalas. Back in 2019, during the devastation wildfires that raged Australia, Bear was deployed to New South Wales and Queensland. There, the heroic pup – wearing some special socks to protect him from burns – teamed with the brave firefighters, and managed to save over 100 koalas from the affected areas.


Though he’s a true hero, Bear hides a heartbreaking story. Unbelievably, he was abandoned by his initial owner, since he was a puppy because he had “a boundless energy and obsessive enthusiasm for play.” Thankfully, he was rescued and taken to the the University of the Sunshine Coast, and included into the Detection Dogs for Conservation team. Here, he was highly trained to detect koalas by their scent.

“Bear and our team are studying the effects of the 2019-20 bushfires on koala health and habitat density in collaboration with IFAW,” Dr Romane Cristescu, who leads the team said. “He is always happy to give a paw to find koalas as part of the Detection Dogs for Conservation’s other research activities.”

Learn more about Bear’s heroic actions, in the video below!

Woman thinks she’d lost her dog forever – can’t stop crying when sees him again

A young woman went from heartbroken to overwhelming tears, after she reunite the dog she thought she’d lost for good in matter of days!

Meredith McKay Luckett was in the car with her family and her furry friend Fergus, when another car crashed into them. Fortunately no one was harmed, but after the impact 200-pound Irish wolfhound dog disappeared. It did not take too long until everyone got out of the car and started to look after Fergus.

Meredith Luckett

“We hopped out of the car and try to find him, but he was just gone,” Meredith McKay Luckett shared with the DODO. “As you can imagine, he was scared out of his mind, so he just bolted.”

The scared dog was nowhere to be found, but his family did not gave up. They alerted the whole community and in less than an hour, their neighbors, friends and even strangers were all trying to find Fergus, but unsuccessfully.

Meredith Luckett

“Within 30 minutes of the accident happening, people were trolling the whole area trying to help us find Fergus,” the young lady said. “At any given moment, within two miles of the accident site, cars were driving with their flashers on and going slow. It was incredible.”
Although she thought she’d lost her gentle giant forever, Meredith never lost hope and her faith eventually got rewarded. Four days after losing him, Meredith’s family got a phone call they’ve been waiting for so long. Fergus has been found.

Meredith Luckett

“I was still asleep when my phone started buzzing and they said, ‘We have your dog,’” she said. “He’s definitely a gentle giant. He’s a little bit of a diva and loves to be inside, which is one of the reasons we were so afraid of him being outside.”

Yet, the most emotional part was still to come. Meredith drove over to reunite her friend, but when she finally saw him, the moment was too overwhelming for her. “Clearly, it was a very emotional reunion,” she said.

You can watch the beautiful moment here:

Though he had been missing for a a few days, Fergus was pretty fine. He only got a few scratches from the accident, but they had been all fixed after a short visit to the vet. Now, the gentle giant enjoys his time with his loving family. A situation he really loves, actually!

“I thought he was spoiled before all this happened, but now he is just being treated like a king,” her human said. “We’re all just making sure he’s comfortable.”


Adorable footage shows wolf mom snuggling her baby back to sleep

A hidden camera captures a Mexican gray wolf mom sharing a tender moment with her newborn pup. The moment is even sweeter as the endangered wolf female just gave birth to her first litter.

The mother, named Trumpet is a 2-year-old resident of Wolf Conservation Center in New York. She was born and raised here as part of a national plan to save the critically endangered Mexican gray wolves. So naturally, when she got pregnant everyone involved in the program had reasons to celebrate. Yet, there were a few concerns regarding Trumpet’s abilities as a mother, but soon after giving birth all of these worries disappeared.


Even though she became mother for the very first time, Trumpet proved to be a very caring mom. One moment in particular had great endearing effect on everyone at the Wolf Conservation Center. Captured by an hidden camera, the moment shows the mother wolf adorably snuggling one of her three babies, back to sleep.


“It shows that the love between a mother and her children goes beyond our species,” Maggie Howell, executive director of the Wolf Conservation Center, shared with THE DODO. “Here’s this tender moment where this both fierce and beautiful Mexican gray wolf is totally hugging these cute little pups, and I think it’s just the most heartwarming thing.These are the moments you don’t get to see, which makes them so special.”

You can watch the adorable moment for yourself, bellow!

Brave dog chases down massive mountain lion to protect his family

A fearless dog put his life on the line to protect his family, after “a huge mountain lion” breached into their backyard. The brave dog, named Rocky – was just like a rock – and did not backed down when his found himself face-to-face with the dangerous wild cat. Unfortunately, the dog paid the price as he was badly injured during the clash with the wild beast. Luckily, Rocky was eventually rescued by the family he tried to protect, and survived.

A few day ago, Mary Padres from La Verne, California, heard the family’s two dogs barking hysterically, so she went out to investigate. But the woman was left in disbelief when she realized there was a mountain lion in the backyard. The wild cat ignored the two dogs, until the smaller dog – Rocky – started to chase it away from the property.

“I freaked out as soon as I saw it,” the woman explained in an interview with ABC7, “I screamed ‘Mountain lion!’The beast was looking right at me. It was huge.”

The brave Rocky wanted to show everyone that you don’t have to be too big, to be a hero, and he continued to chase the mountain lion up the hill next to their house. Thanks to Rocky’s incredible courage, the feline lost its way through the bushes, but the dog got himself some pretty bad wounds as a result.

The heroic dog was taken to a vet and now he is out of danger, but he needed nearly three dozens stitches to close his wounds. The entire family is so proud of their dog, who was ready to give up to his life, just to protect theirs.

“To make sure that I was OK, that’s the whole reason he went after that mountain lion,” Mary said. “He fought for us and he’s our family, so we weren’t’ going to let that cat simply take him.”

The dramatic scene was caught on by a surveillance camera. Take a look:

Couple cancel dream wedding to adopt a stray cat

There are so many stories about people ready to do anything for the seek of an animal in need, but this one is by far the sweetest one. A young couple decided to simply cancel the wedding of their dreams, only to save a helpless stray cat!

Nicolla Birkby and her fiancé, Karl Place, were both so excited they’re gonna tie the knot exactly how they’ve dreamed of – on sunny beach with golden sand and crystal-clear waters. But, believe it or not, they cancelled everything, after they have fallen in love with a hapless kitten during a trip to the United Arab Emirates.

Nicolla Birkby via The Mirror

Nicolla, a 35-year-old educational officer and Karl, a teacher were walking on a beach in Abu Dhabi, when spotted a scared kitten. As they approached him, they realized he’s also injured. Determined to help the poor creature, the couple initially offered him some water and food, then they have tried to find a local rescue to shelter the cat, but unsuccessfully. It is when they decided to adopt the cat.

“As soon as we saw him we fell in love,” they said. “We were on holiday walking along the beach and I could see this creature. He was quite lanky, so I didn’t realise it was a cat at first. We stopped to feed him and realised he was badly dehydrated. His eyes were so dry that he couldn’t see the food we put in front of him. We were desperately trying not to get attached, but when we left him to go sunbathing I couldn’t take my mind off him.”

Nicolla Birkby via The Mirror

But adopting the kitten proved to be much more expensive that Nicolla and her fiancé thought. So they found themselves in the position to choose between saving this adorable cat, or getting married as they’ve planned. Thankfully they choose Sheikh – as they named their furry friend – and they were determined to bring him in the UK, where they live.

“We have been planning our wedding since December last year, but we have had to cancel because we have spent so much money bringing Sheikh,” Nicolla explained. “We even booked the ceremony on a beautiful beach in Jamaica, but we have had to cancel the whole thing. Then, we were going to get married on our own then have a big party for friends and family in the UK but we have cancelled that too. We have spent a good chunk of our wedding budget adopting Sheikh, but he is worth every penny.”

Nicolla Birkby via The Mirror

Adopting Sheikh wasn’t just expansive, to also very complicated. Because of his health condition, the cat needed a vet’s permission to fly to the UK, and that could only happened when he fully recovered. But finally, after over 3 months since they met Sheikh, a very expensive bill, and a cancelled wedding, Nicolla and Karl were finally able to give Sheikh they warmest greeting into their house.

Nicolla Birkby via The Mirror

“We have four other rescue cats and Sheikh took a while to settle in. He is the baby of the family,” Nicolla said. “People think we are mad for cancelling our dream wedding to adopt a stray from abroad, but we can get married any time. It’s not every day you meet a cat like Sheikh.”


Father swan takes babies under his wing after mum passed away

This is the heartwarming moment a male swan has been spotted looking after his babies, after their mom has gone. Although the swan couples are known for choosing their lifetime partners, it is still very unusual for a male to take care of the babies in the absence of their mother. Yet, this caring father’s instincts kicked in and thanks to it, his little babies are all safe!

Matthew Raifman

The mother swan, which hatched on the Charles River Esplanade, in Boston, Massachusetts, was found dead in the nest, shortly after hatching. The cause are still unknown. But surprisingly, when the Boston Animal Control came to check on the cygnets, “father swan sat at the nest with their cygnets tucked under his wings.”

The devoted father, apparently took all the responsibilities of a mother as he even carried the babies on his back while swimming on the lake. The beautiful moment was captured on camera by photographer Matthew Raifman, and it is definitely a sight to behold.

“I noticed something was kind of unusual,” Raifman told WBZ-TV. “All the baby cygnets were on top of the papa swan.” He later shared on of his snaps on Instagram, where he described the moment as “one of the most heartbreaking stories in a while!”

Thankfully, so far the father’s efforts seem to pay off as the little cygnets are doing great. “They seem to be doing well,” Emma Feeney, marketing and events coordinator for the Esplanade Association told THE DODO. “You can tell that he’s just a great, great father to them. It’s very adorable. They’ve been through so much, but they seem so strong.”

Dog who is chained up for his entire life sees the ocean for the first time and his reaction goes viral

As dog lovers we know how important is for a dog to run around and play with other dogs. As a safety precaution, sometimes we need to keep them in a leash, but dogs must be allowed to run freely with no exception.
Unfortunately this beautiful German Shepard didn’t enjoyed a freely life as his uncaring owner neglected him. More than that, Herschel has been stuck to a pole. In the end he was rescued and taken to a shelter to his excitement.

The sun seemed risen again on its street as he was adopted by a new family. But Herschel is a happy, full of joy and energetic dog and that turned out to be to much for his new owners. His temperament was mistaken for aggression. And when is looked like his fate was sealed to spend the rest of his life in a cage, someone just had a room for him.

He was surrendered to Michelson Found Animals who got him the medical and grooming attention he needed. Thanks to Rocky Kanaka and his “Dogs Day Out” program, Herschel experienced an adventure that he would remember for a very long time.

The first thing they done for him was to offer him a day of fun and joy. The road trip started with a few hours of play in the mountain snow. As you can imagine, the new fluffy stuff was really a joy to Herschel.

Herschel was finally free to explore, run and appreciate all that he had missed so much. But the best was yet to come. Their next stop was about to be on the beach. And dog’s reaction when first sees the ocean is incredible. He just could not contain himself.

Watch Herschel incredible reaction when discovers freedom at last!