Cat Wanders Into Zoo and Becomes Best Friends With a Bear

One animal that you don’t usually see at a zoo is a domestic cat. Of course there’s always plenty of big cats, lions, tigers and the rest, but not your average kitty….unless you visit Folsom City Zoo in California.

The zookeepers often feed the bears dog food and one day they noticed another animal turning up to enjoy it too. A black feral cat! They’ve since named her “Little Bear” and she regularly visits the bear enclosure, she’s not at all put off by their enormous size. There is one bear in particular that she likes to hang out with, the two of them love to spend the afternoon together in the shade, enjoying each others company and watching the visitors pass by.

People may think this is a strange friendship, but bears and cats getting along isn’t strange at all, it just shows that you can find friends anywhere in the world if you look in the right place.