Cat Is Being Heralded As A Hero After Saving A One Year-Old From A Deadly Fall

The world offers us no shortage of incredible tales of hero dogs, but now it’s a cat’s turn to shine. Gatubela, a Siamese cat in Bogotá, Colombia was “caught” on camera coming to the heroic rescue of one-year old Samuel as he crawled dangerously towards a staircase. For such a young babe to make such a dangerous fall could easily have proven deadly, and Gatubela’s quick actions surely saved the life of Samuel.

How did Gatubela achieve such a feat? He pounced, like any good cat, but timing was everything and when you watch the footage it’s easy enough to assume Gatubela’s actions were carefully thought about.

Samuel León, the one-year old baby in the famous video is seen doing what babies do: crawling and exploring his surroundings.

Gatubela sits on the couch, observing the tot intensely as he crawled around. Wearing a red bodysuit, Sameul makes his way past a cot and a rocking chair, all the while being watched by the cat. Then, as Samuel continues to crawl across the living room, Gatubela inches to the edge of the sofa he is perched on.

However, when the boy crawls dangerously close to the edge of the living room, Gatubela launches himself from his seat and directly into the path of Samuel.

He then tries to pull Samuel away from the steep stairs, but when that isn’t enough he wraps his front paws across the toddler’s body, effectively forcing him to move backwards. Later in the video, the dynamic duo is seen playing in the room together, Gatubela’s ever watchful gaze intended to protect the tiny, tetering tot.

Jesid Leon, Samuel’s father said in an interview:

The cat has been part of our family practically since birth, we had her here when she was a month, a month and a few days old, and she has become familiar with my children. She is two months older than my son.

Check out the video:

Gatubela, the cat’s name, translates to Catwoman, after the DC Comics character. It would seem a comic book name may be fitting for the spectacular cat. Diana Lorena Álvarez, Samuel’s mother, said she checked the CCTV footage because she wanted to know how her son got out of his crib. It was upon viewing the footage she realized Gatubela’s heroic actions.

In an interview, she also said:

I arrived very early in the morning at my company and my son was still sleeping, for that reason I put him in his crib. I was a short distance from him when I suddenly noticed that he had woken up and had left the crib by himself, for this reason I wanted to go back over the recordings so that I could see how he got out of his crib. It was at that moment that I discovered that the cat had saved his life.

The Facebook page for Fundación Gatos Bogotanos en Adopción, a cat rescue and adoption organisation based in Bogotá shared the video, and it quickly went viral. People were stunned to see the cat’s heroic actions.

One commentator said: “When you see animals act like this, it shows they are happy in their family environment and want to protect it – that cat should get a LOT of praise and a good feed – and it would appreciate it.”

This is the staircase that Samuel crawled towards:

If it had not been for the cat my son would have rolled down the stairs. Watching the footage, I felt really surprised and lucky.

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