Brave Chihuahua Saves Her Much Bigger Doggie Brother From Scary Dognapper

Chihuahuas may be tiny in stature, but they’ll do anything to save their loved ones! Carly is a 5-pound Chihuahua, but that didn’t stop her from saving her 140-pound Newfoundland doggie brother, Silas, from a potentially dangerous dognapper in St. John’s, Canada!

Mom Sharon Dooling says that her dogs are best buddies who always stick together. On the night of the unsuccessful dognapping attempt, Carly and Silas were out in the yard for a potty break. The dognapper spotted them alone and proceeded to put a leash around Silas. Carly immediately started barking madly when she saw her brother being dragged away.

Sharon heard the incessant barking and initially stepped out to shush her yappy dog. But she was shocked to see the dognapper shamelessly pulling her dog away. In a state of panic, Sharon punched the thief in the face and grabbed her precious dog!

The dognapper escaped and never returned to the neighborhood, but the incident made Carly more protective of Silas. She now barks at every stranger who passes by her house! Sharon is amazed at her feisty “guard” dog. “Some people have big Dobermans – I have a Chihuahua”, she declares like a proud mom. Let’s spread the word and help the cops track down the dangerous dognapper!

Click the video below to watch a report on how the gutsy little Carly saved the day!

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