Boy Gets Reunited With His Lost Cat After Seven Months Apart

People tend to anthropomorphize and view their pets as humans. They love their pets, consider them as part of the family, and form strong attachments with them. That’s why it hurts so much when we lose our pets. It brings up a lot of the same feelings as losing a family.

The boy in the story below was also devastated after he lost his beloved cat 7 months ago. When his family moved houses, the cat probably got scared, ran off, and gotten lost in the mix. His family tried to search for their missing pal, but to no avail.

The boy was so sad and worried about his friend, but he had no other choice than to continue on with his life. And of course, he never lost hope that his cat was safe and would return to him.

After 7 months since the cat went missing, the hope to find him was scarce. But luckily, the family finally found the cat and brought him home thanks to the microchip. They were happy to see that their tabby was safe and healthy.

The family knew that their boy would be happy to meet his best friend again, so they decided to turn the good news into a surprise. They didn’t forget to record a video of his reaction and shared it on social media.

Watch the heart-warming video here:

As you can see in the video, the boy is just getting home from school and going around the house to find his mom. When he sees his mom, he can’t believe his eyes. She is holding his beloved cat. He takes a second to process it… could it really be?

With overwhelming happiness, the boy bursts into tears and quickly hugs his cat. The cat seems happy to be back at home with his family. He even gives the boy a little kiss on the face to comfort him.

The family will never know exactly where the cat was and what had happened to him for seven months, but they are happy that he found his way back to them.

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