Big Dog Lunges At Tiny Kittens, Tiny Chihuahua Plays Dad & Protects The Kittens

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Charlie the Chihuahua loves being a protective dad to his foster kittens. He not only ensures that they are safe at all times, but is also ready to put up a fight whenever he feels the kittens are being “bullied”.

Roxie, on the other hand, is a goofy big dog who also lives with Charlie and the kittens, but unfortunately, the kittens won’t come near her as they are intimidated by her mighty size. Poor Roxie doesn’t understand this and she keeps trying to approach the frail kittens to play with them.

In this video, we see Roxie in another of her attempts to win a play date with the kittens. As she lunges at the kittens and bounces around them in excitement, the terrified kittens cower in fear and run to dad Charlie for some help. Charlie stands in to shield his kittens from Roxie, and starts reasoning with her to stop scaring the kittens.

When Roxie refuses to listen, Charlie’s anger is unleashed. He bravely throws himself on Roxie and tackles her down until she concedes. We feel sorry for Roxie but we totally understand why Charlie chooses to keep the fragile kittens away from her. We hope the kittens grow up soon so that they are strong enough to play with Roxie!

Click the video below to watch Charlie’s brave attempts to keep his foster kittens safe and secure!

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