Because His Father Tries To Sleep On His Bed, A Great Dane Has A Tantrum.

I’m sure we’ve all heard that cats are evil because they try to wake you up while you’re sleeping. However, dogs, particularly Great Danes, are creatures of habit. At times, owning a Great Dane is like rearing a feisty, petulant toddler.

Henry, a Great Dane, is proof of this. When his human father tried to sleep in his bed, he made it apparent that he despised him.

When Henry’s father chose to take a nap on Henry’s bed, Henry decided to show his displeasure. This was clearly Henry’s territory, and his father was not permitted to be present.

It’s against the rules and, based on Henry’s reaction, a little irritating.

We can see why Henry is irritated. No one likes finding someone who doesn’t belong in their bed, much like Goldilocks in the popular children’s story. While a tiny dog might easily find another pleasant sleeping spot, huge dogs have fewer options.

They’re extremely enormous and take up a lot of room. Finding a cozy and comfortable sleeping area that isn’t their bed can be difficult at times. It’s only just that they defend their mattresses against the naps of relatives and strangers.

Henry’s charming and grumpy reaction to his father “sleeping” in his bed was captured on camera by his family. We observe how Henry responds to his father’s heinous crime in a matter of seconds. He approaches the bed with a solemn expression on his face and grumbles loudly. His father appreciates his willingness to share the bed. Henry tries to nudge his father out of bed with his paw and face very immediately.

His father just laughs at Henry’s obvious displeasure, pointing out that Henry wants to sleep on his bed all the time, so sharing is only fair. Henry is irritated by this, and rightfully so. He leans forward, barking at his father and attempting to push him away with his paw. But when Dad refuses to budge, Henry begins walking on the bed, lightly pushing at his father with the top of his head.

Henry is aroused when his father yells at him, “No, no horseplay,” and pushes him away. He’s trying to think of a smart method to get his father out of his bed. Unfortunately for Henry, it doesn’t work, and he has to attempt again again to persuade his father that this isn’t acceptable.

Finally, his father gives up and gets out of bed. What makes it even cuter? Henry refuses to sleep in his bed. He decides he’s done enough defending it and walks away from the TV.

Clearly, Henry isn’t a terrific communicator. But watching him throw a cute temper tantrum because his father wants to share his bed, which Henry isn’t using right now, is priceless. He tries every trick in the book to persuade his father that he has his own bed in which he can nap.

Henry’s bed is his and his alone. But it’s only right. Where else would a dog of such size sleep? On the ground? No way, he’s far too valuable to do such a thing. He must have access to his bed at all times in case he needs to snooze. Obviously, his father can sleep somewhere else.