Baby Owls Sleep With Their Faces Down And It Is Absolutely Adorable

Who would have thought that baby owls sleep on their stomach just like humans babies do. As their head is heavier than their body, they tend to sleep in this way.

This fact about owls was not popular until a journalist posted a picture on his Twitter account. Alongside he wrote, “I’ve just discovered that baby owls sleep face down like THIS because their heads are too heavy. Also, I don’t think I’ve seen owl legs before.”

This tweet went viral and received more than 119K likes on Twitter. People were loving the fact that baby owls sleep like humans and everyone found it interesting and amusing.

Furthermore, another Twitter user posted photos of another baby owl sleeping. In that tweet, she confirmed that owls do in fact sleep on their stomachs. Both human toddlers and baby owls sleep in awkward positions.

These baby owls have become top Internet sensations for their sleeping habits. They sleep mostly in their nest or on the branches. The owls straighten their legs to have a grip on the branch so they won’t fall off. If they twist their leg they would not be able to balance.

People’s reaction to this knowledge is amazing. One person wrote, “Can’t get over the fact that this is how baby owls sleep.”

While another said, “The way baby owls sleep will never not be funny to me.”

Moreover, baby owl are known as owlets. They are very small when they are born and do not have any prominent features on them at the time of birth.

Owlets have a small tooth when they are born, to help it get out of the egg. The tooth is a milk tooth and breaks after a week. A fun fact is that owls lay eggs in stolen nests. Also, they sleep less than any other bird since they are nocturnal and they hunt most of the time.

Aren’t these baby owl hilarious?