Researches revealed Women Sleep Better with a Chihuahua By Their Sides

Research, made in the Journal of the International Society of Anthrozoology, notes that girls who squeeze in bed with their dog get better sleep.

The research found that girls get a better sleep with a doggy than a cat or another person next to them.

Compared with human bed partners, dogs who slept in the owner’s bed were perceived to disturb sleep less and were associated with stronger feelings of comfort and security,» the research said.

Chihuahua Sings Her Tiny Little Heart Out For Grandpa

Dogs make such great additions to our families. They bring their own flavor of quirky to our homes with their distinct personalities and mannerisms. Our dog Bonita was the perfect fit to our household because she was such a sweet and patient dog, which made her the ideal companion to our four cats. She would just let them do their own thing like steal her food or her cozy bed, but if they ever ran into trouble with another cat or dog in the neighborhood she was the first to defend them. All dogs bring something special to the family that they live with.

For one adorable little Teacup Chihuahua in particular, what she brings to her family is pure joy. The little pint-sized pooch named Beanie is clearly adored by her family. While spending time with her grandma and grandpa, a video was taken that perfectly captures the bond that Beanie shares with her grandpa. In the video, the man is singing a special song to the Chihuahua – one that he wrote all by himself.

The song is in Spanish, but roughly translated, the lyrics amount to “Little dog, she’s the most beautiful and my whole world. I love that little dog so much.” It’s a song that is super short and quite simple in the lyrics, but it also conveys so much sweetness. It definitely highlights the fact that this little pup is extremely special to the man. And perhaps even better, is Beanie’s reaction to her grandpa’s sweet serenade. As he sings the lyrics, Beanie, who is dressed up in her best floral gown, sings along. Each time he starts a new line, you can see her little eyes close a bit and then she tilts her head back ever so slightly and howls along.

It will definitely melt your heart! These two have a very special bond and it is so clear to see from the video. Check it out below:

Starbucks Choc Chip Muffin – Will It Balance

[Season 1] Episode 07: Starbucks Choc Chip Muffin

A Starbucks Choc Chip Muffin is light with chunky dark bits that I normally like to lick first. Will this soft bottom balance?

::: WILL IT BALANCE ::: Not to be confused with Blendtec’s WILL IT BLEND, Sara Jay has donated her big bum to see what objects will or won’t balance on it. Yes that’s right, Sara Jay balances household items on her bum to help you make crucial shopping decisions.

YES, you have landed in that weird part of YouTube again!

Thanks to mad scientist Maxwell Blessed in the Hazmat Suit for conducting these special experiments for a better world.

What to Do if Your Dog Eats Chocolate

Credits: Key Points Chocolate is toxic to dogs and could cause a medical emergency. Signs of chocolate poisoning usually appear within 6 to 12 hours. Knowing how much and what kind of chocolate your dog ate is key. Chocolate is toxic to dogs, and depending on the type and amount of chocolate consumed and the weight of your dog, it could cause a serious medical emergency. If you know your dog has eaten chocolate, it’s important to monitor him for signs of toxicity (see below), and it’s recommended that you contact your veterinarian or the Pet Poison Helpline (855-213-6680, fee applies) for advice.

Learn how much is too much, which types of chocolate are the most dangerous, and what signs to look for that may signal your dog needs treatment.

Why Chocolate Is Toxic to Dogs

Chocolate contains both theobromine and caffeine, both of which can speed the heart rate and stimulate the nervous system of dogs, the Merck/Merial Manual for Veterinary Health explains. The risk of your dog becoming sick from ingesting chocolate depends on the type and amount of chocolate consumed and the weight of the dog (calculate your dog’s risk of toxicity with this easy-to-use program). The concentrations of these toxic substances vary among different types of chocolates. Here are a few types of chocolate listed in order of theobromine content:

Cocoa powder (most toxic) Unsweetened baker’s chocolate Semisweet chocolate Dark chocolate Milk chocolate Knowing how much and what kind of chocolate your dog ate can help you and your vet determine if you have an emergency. In general, mild symptoms of chocolate toxicity occur when a dog consumes 20 mg of methylxanthines per kilogram of body weight. Cardiac symptoms of chocolate toxicity occur around 40 to 50 mg/kg, and seizures occur at dosages greater than 60 mg/kg.

In simpler terms, that means a very concerning dose of chocolate is approximately one ounce of milk chocolate per pound of body weight. Since an average Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bar is 1.55 ounces, consuming even one chocolate bar can have serious consequences, especially for small dogs. Eating a crumb of chocolate cake or a very small piece of a chocolate bar, on the other hand, probably won’t kill your dog, especially if it is a larger breed, but chocolate should never be fed as a treat.

No, That’s Not A Second Head Growing Out Of A Pit Bull – It’s Her Chihuahua Best Friend

The photo above has been circulated online repeatedly over the past few years – and for good reason! It shows a remarkably devoted pair of mismatched pups adopted together from a California rescue. It’s adorable, heartwarming, and for some, shrouded in mystery. Here is the REAL story of Merrill and Taco’s unbreakable bond.

Towards the end of 2014, a female Pit Bull and a male Chihuahua were surrendered together to San Francisco’s Rocket Dog Rescue. Merrill the Pit Bull was suffering from a dangerous uterine infection and had to undergo lifesaving surgery. During her recovery rescuers were floored by the attentive dedication of Merrill’s little Chihuahua companion, Taco. He stuck by Merrill’s side like a tiny toothless nursemaid.

Despite their obvious size difference and the fact that Taco is a senior male while Merrill is a young adult female, these two have a bond like nothing the folks at RDR had ever seen before. It was decided that although bonded pairs are more difficult to adopt out, these two simply had to stay together. The duo was fostered by a wonderful volunteer named Jodi, and then adopted by a loving family in San Jose.

Veterinarians determined that Merrill was about 3 years old and had been bred at least once. She was likely surrendered to RDR because of the costly, life-threatening uterine infection, and possibly for the fact that she could no longer be used for breeding

Chihuahua That Can’t Walk Becomes Best Friends With Pigeon That Can’t Fly, And Their Photos Are Adorable

Dogs are continuously surprising us with the unlikely friendships they are capable of forming. They constantly show us that forming a close bond doesn’t require any prerequisites or have any boundaries.

Enter: Herman and Lundy. In what would typically be an unlikely friendship outside of the cartoon world — Lundy, a Chihuahua puppy that cant walk has become best friends with Herman, the pigeon that cant fly. Image Credits: The Mia Foundation It all started when the adorable duo met through the Mia Foundation, a rescue organization in, New York, that rehabilitates animals with birth defects and physical deformities. They’re a non-profit and rely on donations to continue their lifesaving work. erman was rescued a little over a year ago in the car park of a car dealership, where he had been sitting, not moving, for three days. He was on “on death’s door” before they realized he was suffering neurological damage and couldn’t fly.

Local wildlife rescuers said, rehabilitation for Herman would be impossible and he would need to be euthanized, but Sue Rogers, the founder of The Mia Foundation, wasn’t about to let that happen — so she took matters into her own hands and decided to take care of him herself. Lundy, a chihuahua puppy, is a new arrival to the centre, after being sent there by his breeders because he was unable to use his hind legs – a condition known as swimmers syndrome. Rogers suspected the pup’s difficulty walking is due to damage to his spinal cord.

Lundy, a chihuahua puppy, is a new arrival to the centre, after being sent there by his breeders because he was unable to use his hind legs – a condition known as swimmers syndrome. Rogers suspected the pup’s difficulty walking is due to damage to his spinal cord.

Chihuahua saves 86-year-old Navy veteran’s life after he has a stroke while alone

To old people living alone, their pets are more than just animals, they are their companions and for some even a lifeline.

Rudy Armstrong, a navy veteran from North Carolina, owes his life to Bubu, his pet dog.

They go everywhere together so when the 86 year old man found himself in trouble it was his Chihuahua pet that gave him help.

While enjoying time on his houseboat with his loyal pet by his side, Rudy suffered a stroke and fell to the floor.

His devoted pooch knew immediately that something wasn’t right and ran quickly to the dockmaster to alert him by barking continuously.

The dockmaster noticed the situation and called 911.+The old man was sent to CarolinaEast Medical Center and now the best hands are taking care of him, he hopes to get back quickly to his loyal friend.

“I’m excited about getting to see her,” Rudy told WCNT9 News. “I mean she sleeps with me, when I go someplace in the car she goes with me, and all that. You know I mean we do everything together.”

This once again proves to us how great our dogs are, they are truly our life savers.

Dog Depressed After Losing Family In Fire, Help Him Find A Home Before Christmas

Source: Humane Society of Amherst County/Facebook Tank the dog’s upsetting story was shared by The Humane Society of Amherst County, Virginia, poor dog lost his family in a huge house fire that burned his house down to the ground.

In that fire died Tank’s canine siblings too, but he somehow managed to get out.

The cause of fire is being investigated by the Amherst County Fire Department, meanwhile volunteers have reached out to public trying to find poor Tank a home before the holidays, they have emphasized that the dog is deeply depressed after losing his beloved ones, and they believe the love and care of a new family might heal his wounds.

Tank is a really patient and polite dog, he loves being cuddled and petted, he loves other dogs so he has no problem being in a house with other canines, but he doesn’t get along with cats.

If anyone is interested on the cute Tank please contact the Humane Society of Amherst County.

Source: Humane Society of Amherst County/Facebook Update: A miracle has taken place and Tank’s original owner came up claiming him, it turns out the dog lived with his owner in a trailer.

When the owner r moved away to Lynchburg, Tank moved in with a new family and lived with them for several years.

Tank is now in the arms of his original owner, and our prayers answered, he found a home before Christmas, this makes us so happy.

Chihuahua who lived his whole life in a puppy mill is ecstatic to finally have his own bed

Be sure to reach the end of this article to see the full video! Freddie’s life had been so hard that he had no idea what it was like to be comfortable. Luckily, the rescuers were more than happy to show him.

All dogs deserve to be treated well. Sure, some owners may not have the money to buy their dogs fancy treats and toys. But every kind-hearted owner gives their dog a bed and other basic comforts. Sadly, Freddie never had a true owner for the first nine years of his life.

He was born into a puppy mill. He had to endure terrible conditions with zero affection from any human.

But one day, National Mill Dog Rescue located Freddie and 34 other dogs that were being illegally intensively bred. They were able to bust Freddie and the other dogs out of the terrible conditions. Freddie’s Freedom Day Have you seen enough of Freddie, the newly-rescued 9-year-old Chihuahua yet? We didn’t think so! Here is a short video clip of his first moments of FREEDOM! Welcome to Lily’s Haven, Freddie! Posted by National Mill Dog Rescue on Wednesday, May 16, 2018 Of course, at first, Freddie had no idea that he was being rescued. He was confused as to why these new humans were being so nice to him all of a sudden.

Freddie was in a bad condition. He was malnourished and had lost all of his teeth.

But luckily, the dog did not have any health problems that threatened his life. The rescuers gave him a delicious meal and then handed him his first-ever bed.

Theresa Strader walked over to Freddie’s pen. She pet him. Freddie was scared of the petting, until he realized that the woman wasn’t going to hurt him. Freddie sniffed at the bed in a confused manner. You could tell that he had never seen a dog bed before. He couldn’t work out that it was meant to make him happ

So Theresa opened Freddie’s pen and walked in to show him how to use the bed.

She picked Freddie up and gave him a cuddle. She felt his rapid heartbeat slow down as she did this. Then she carefully placed the dog on the bed.

Luckily, Theresa was filming the heartwarming moment when Freddie learned to use his first-ever bed. The video then made a huge impact on Facebook. To date, it has gained over 116,000 views. It also has more than 5,000 reactions, 1,300 shares and 450 comments. People have been saying things like this:

Over the coming days, Freddie became an incredibly happy dog. He got along well with all the volunteers. And he made friends with another rescued chihuahua, Lark.

Freddie’s New BFF Freddie has a new BFF and she’s been in the spotlight, too! Watch as he steals a couple of kisses from Lark, a fellow senior Chihuahua. Freddie does have an adoption pending, but Lark is still patiently waiting for her first home. Please visit our Available Dogs page: Posted by National Mill Dog Rescue on Monday, May 21, 2018 And it wouldn’t be long until Freddie found a forever home.

Just one week after he arrived at the shelter, a couple applied to adopt him. After a few checks, the shelter agreed to let the couple become the dog’s owners. Freddie’s Gotcha Day! ICYMI: Freddie, our popular senior Chihuahua, is in his forever home! He has a canine “sibling” named Cinnamon and they have matching tongues! Have a great life, sweet boy. You waited a long time for a family to love you.Others are waiting too… Posted by National Mill Dog Rescue on Tuesday, May 22, 2018 Freddie would also gain a dog sibling, Cinnamon the Whippet.

Over the following months, Freddie learned to enjoy his newfound freedom. He would have to have a few surgeries on his teeth, but apart from going through that, his life has been complete happiness.

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Chihuahua saves a broken man and he rescues 40 dogs in return

Bobby Humphrey is a pretty big guy and for the better part of his life, he thought that’s how he liked his dogs, too. He’s always had a soft spot for Rottweilers; they’re big, cute, and furry.

He never saw himself falling in love with a Chihuahua, though.

Another thing that the bighearted guy never saw coming was the end of his 17-year marriage. The divorce came rather suddenly, and Bobby’s heart was completely shattered. It got so dark for him at one point, he considered taking his own life.

Thankfully, he had a true friend named Connie, and she wasn’t about to let him give up on life. “She literally just wouldn’t go away no matter how much I told her to. She had lost friends to that before and wasn’t going to lose me. My friend, Connie, had shown me what friendship really meant. No matter what I needed, she was there for me. Needless to say, I feel I owe to her quite a bit,” Bobby divulges in an interview with I Heart Dogs.

Then one day, an opportunity came for Bobby to return Connie’s friendship. She had to move and couldn’t bring her cherished Chihuahua, Lady, with her. She asked Bobby to keep her at his place temporarily until she could figure things out.

At first, Bobby was slightly hesitant. He had the pleasure of meeting the Chihuahua before, and she didn’t seem too keen on other people. Then again, how could he ever refuse the friend that was there for him when he needed it the most. He was willing to do anything to help Connie out, and with that thought, he told her he would take Lady in. Connie had to drop her Chihuahua off at Bobby’s while he was at work. So, when he got home, he approached Lady with a fair amount of caution. The big, burly guy suddenly realized he had no cause for concern. Lady climbed right up into his lap for some attention.

This wasn’t a normal occurrence for Lady, though. Connie couldn’t believe what she was seeing when she stopped in to check on them. “[Connie] swore she’s never seen anything like this, this dog hates everybody. Lady and I have been literally inseparable ever since,” Bobby explains.

That is when Bobby discovered something about himself; he LOVES the little dogs! After some time, Connie was able to get situated and bring Lady back home with her again. Bobby felt her absence acutely and soon found himself looking to adopt his own Chihuahua. He settled on Kira, a senior dog. She was rescued from a solitary life in a house with mud-caked floors. She was wary of humans, and so Bobby slowly showed her that she was safe and could trust people again.

Not much later, the “big dog” guy decided he wanted to raise some puppies, too. After browsing through Petfinder, he found Harley. When Bobby realized that they were in awful living conditions, he took on Harley’s sister, Quinn, too.

Bobby began adopting more and more Chihuahuas. He just couldn’t bear to see one without a good, loving home and proper care. After his home began to swarm with them, though, he came up with a brilliant plan. Bobby created Big Guy Littles World Sanctuary, his very own rescue group dedicated to saving chihuahuas.

The rescue has saved the lives of over 40 dogs. Bobby takes special care to thoroughly vet any would-be adopters so when he adopts out one of his furbabies out, he knows it’s to the perfect forever home.

“We rescue Chihuahuas who are living horrible lives, abused, starving, disabled, mental issues, etc. We give them either a furever home with us where they will never have to experience neglect or anything like that again, or we nurse them back to health and adopt them out! We just want to help as many babies as we can,” explained Bobby. Please SHARE this with your friends and family.