Missing dog comes back to his family with handwritten note calling him a hero

A family in New Zealand was extremely worried after their senior dog went missing. But, They were left speechless when he returned back home, with a touching note around his neck!

Since he was a few weeks old puppy, Louie lives with Marolyn Diver’s parents at their farm. The adorable sheepdog had always been a very energetic puppy, so all day long he used to wander around the family’s property. Yet, the things have changed as Louie grew older and now at his 12 years old, the senior rather prefers to hang out around the house than exploring the neighbourhoods.


Therefore, when Louie went missing one day for several hours, his family was very concerned, and on a good reason. It happened exactly when Marolyn had visited her parents, who were nothing but worried as they had now idea where Louie could be. But, later in the afternoon, everyone was so surprised to see the old dog returning home, carrying a handwritten note around the neck.

“He looked so exhausted, and had basically just collapsed,” Marolyn shared with THE DODO. “We were concerned someone might have hurt him. But after reading the note I felt complete and utter relief, then my heart melted.”


The note proclaimed the dog a hero. “Louie is the hero of the day,” the note read. “He led me to Maddy in distress stuck under a branch pile. Cheers, Rob.”


Rob, who is also a farmer, is one of Marolyn’s parents’ neighbor and Maddy is his doggie. So shortly after reading the note, her parents reached Rob by phone to ask him for details. Turns out that Maddy was also missing that day and after Rob searched her everywhere, when he got home he spotted Louie at his place. The dog insisted for Rob to follow him. The man trusted the dog’s instincts and surprisingly he lead him exactly where Maddy was.

Unfortunately, Maddy somehow got trapped in some bushes, but thanks to her friend Louie, she’s now alive. “Rob said he was 100 percent sure that Louie knew what he was doing, and getting Rob to Maddy was his one pure focus,” Marolyn said. “Once he found her, Louie helped Rob dig her out, pulling at branches, digging out the ground. Rob said the second she was free both dogs ran to a nearby pond and jumped into it exhausted and drinking water.”


Exhausted after the rescue, Louie could barely lift his head up from bed that day, let alone eating or drinking water. His poor condition made his parents even more concerned. But miraculously, everything got back to normal the other day, when Rob and Maddy decided to pay them a visit.

“The next morning Rob came over on his bike with Maddy in a wee basket in the back,” Marolyn said. “Louie perked up and was back to normal.”

Heroic pit bull drags 7-month-old sister by diaper out of house fire and saves her life

Some say having a dog around a little baby is not a good idea. Especially when we are talking about a dog breed with not the best reputation. Most likely top of this category are pit bulls, seen by a lot o people as unpredictable and dangerous dogs.

Well, for this California-based mom, her pit bull is nothing but a hero. And it could not be otherwise, after the selfless dog managed to save her human sister’s life. According to mom, Latana Chai, her baby  Masailah and her dog Sasha have always been an inseparable duo. They were born just days apart and they even shared the same bed. But their special, unbreakable bond became visible when a fire broke in their building.

Few minutes after midnight, on Saturday, Sasha was having a very unusual behavior. “I heard like, a loud bang and I was like, ‘what’s going on?’ I heard Sasha crying and she kept jumping at the door. As soon as I got to the door, she runs in and starts barking,” Latana said, according to Kare 11.

When the woman opened the door for Sasha, the dog run directly into baby’s room. Then Latana noticed smoke coming from the ceiling, a fire that was spreading from their neighbor’s house.

Soon she realized the danger, the mom quickly run into her daughter’s room. But to her surprise, Sasha already grabbed Masailah by the diaper and pulling her to safety. The family credits Sasha’s early warning barks for keeping them safe. This story proves once again that it’s not about the breed it’s about how a dog is raised.Because all dogs are loyal, smart and cute.

Find out more about this heroic dog and her life-saving actions in the video bellow!

Couple has the sweetest reaction after stray dog crashes their wedding

A young couple in Brazil were enjoying their big day, when a furry – uninvited – guest, decided to crash their wedding. But is the couple’s reaction that goes viral. Needless to say, the dog eventually got adopted by the two. This is by far, one of the most adorable happy ending stories you’ve ever heard!


While Marília and Matheus, from São Paulo, have been planning their wedding to the last detail, there was only particularly thing that wasn’t to them to decide – the weather. Everyone wants a sunny day when getting married, but if is to rain, that doesn’t mean it won’t be a great party. It is what happened in these young people’s case.


Anyway, when they noticed the sun won’t be on their side during that day, they decided to move the ceremony under a huge tent, able to fit their numerous guests, and even others who didn’t find themselves on the list. An adorable stray dog also wanted to stay dry, so what a better place to shelter himself from the heavy rain, if not the bride’s dress. But that’s not all, because the dog even started to bark loudly, maybe to let everyone know he objects the wedding.


Nonetheless, everyone’s reaction, especially the two newlyweds, was to burst into laughter!
“As the ceremony started, to everyone’s surprise, it was the dog who came in when the bridal chorus began to play,” Marília explained for The Dodo. “The dog entered and laid down to sleep on my veil. It was a very pleasant surprise for me, because I love animals. I liked it very much.”


However, the wedding crasher did not seemed too troubled by the people’s reaction, and he even disappeared at some point. But as the ceremony continued, he showed up again, and this time he was so lucky, because he just found himself two loving parents and a forever home. The young couple decided to adopt him, even though he was pretty hard to find the next day.


Me and Matheus decided to adopt him because he is a street dog,” Marília Pieroni told the Dodo. “It took us a long time to find him again, but yesterday, we were contacted and told his whereabouts. He came home, and I showered him. He played a lot, ate, drank water. He is very happy and slept super good the first night.”

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Rottweiler mix with pitbull -“pitweiler” the ultimate watchdog

Not a long time ago, cross-breed or hybrid dogs were seen as mutts. However, in our days dogs are often cross-breed. All in order to give rise to new breeds what posses the appearance, personalities, and temperaments of both kinds. It is also the case of Pitweiler, a Rottweiler mix with Pitbull.

Since both breeds are very popular due to their unique temperaments you can only imagine what type of new dog could be born from their crossbreeding. And just to clear up the doubts, bellow we present you a breakdown of a Rottweiler Pitbull mix breed particularities. Especially concerning the temperament as well as what is it means to own this impressive dog.

Although the Pitweiler is a new hybrid, the Rottweiler and the American Pit Bull Terrier have fascinating as well as strong histories. By understanding their history, precisely the reason behind their breeding, one will know why they behave uniquely.

To start with, due to the need for an energetic dog which could escort cattle during Roman times, Rottweiler was born. Roman soldiers used travel especially in a place known as Rottweil, Southern Germany with their animals since they acted as a source of food. It was in this place where these old drover dogs were initially bred into the current Rottweilers that we now.

On the other hand, the American Pit Bull Terrier has a slightly different history. Notably, it’s said that it was originally bred as a stockier as well as a more fast version of Bulldogs which were used in pit fighting back in the 18th century.

Talking about the strength, Pitweiler is a robust-bodied dog. A naturally fact, if we think that both pitbulls and rottweilers are muscular and very strong breeds. As about their size, it is from medium to large. A male could grow up to 23 inches and it could also reach up to 100 lbs in weight. According to the history, both pets are known to be excellent guard dogs. In the modern world, this translates to vigilant obedience which is the main reason why it’s not worth to tarnish their reputation. If they are trained appropriately, they don’t usually misbehave. Instead, they have an affectionate manner which highly fits their owner’s needs.

Pitweiler has a great deal of both physical as well as mental stamina. It is a brilliant dog which has a muscular build. Throughout their lives, Rottweilers need intense socialization. Since they are guard pets, they usually take some time to familiarize themselves with new individuals. When they are bred into unstable bloodlines, they utilize this trait to build on their fearsome reputation which is a trait that you won’t find it in an appropriately bred animal. With a Pitbull dog, it has a high supply of courage which its stocky behavior favors it. Although they aren’t naturally aggressive towards individuals, they have a strong-willed and protective behavior which makes it an excellent loyal pet.

Owning a truly caring and intelligent dog is among the most magnificent life’s pleasures which will always bring affection and warmth into your life. Remember, if you are planning to include training, especially when they are still young, then you’ll find a fun, loyal, energetic, spirited, and courageous companion that is worth your effort.

In the video bellow you can find out some pros and cons facts regarding this hybrid breed!

Woman turns down arranged marriage after man asks to give up her loyal dog

There is a particularly strong reason why dogs are called the men’s best friends. Not once we’ve seen people choosing dogs over other humans. Even though, things might get a little bit complicated when to chose between your beloved pup and your soulmate. However, for this woman in New Delhi, India, the decision was easier than you may think.

Karishma Walia decided to turn down her arranged married after her husband to be said he’s not a big fans of dogs. Karishma and her beloved dog Lucy have been inseparable even since her loyal furry companion was just a puppy, so the man she was supposed to get married asked her to leave her doggy behind, she knew it was an easy call to make.

“Having a dog is definitely not a temporary phase. I can’t abandon my dog for anyone,” the woman responded via Whatsapp.

“Hmm… can we think about a solution for this?,” the man replayed. “I don’t want a dog to come in between my love life and not share the same bed… That’s for sure.. And my mom doesn’t like dogs in general…” but the woman’s decision stand still. “So that’s why I’m saying it won’t work out!”

Visible annoyed by her answer, the man said: “Are you serious? My god. Are you sure about your decision? It may be a temporary phase in life when you like dogs. We are talking of your life here.”

The woman was then even pressured by her family who tried to convince her to accept the man’s condition. But Walia was unshakable and she said she won’t change her decision for anything in the world. Then woman then shared the full Whatsapp conversation on Facebook and a lot of people show their support on her decision!

Not a long time ago, a guy find an epic way to give an answer to her girlfriend, after she gave him an ultimatum, requesting either the dog goes or she goes. Taking Craigslist in order to handle the tough situation, the man kept the dog and offered his girlfriend a legendary response, instead.

Instead of going out on 4th of July, people are going to comfort scared shelter animals during fireworks

Dogs are really scared of the bright, noisy fireworks that ignite American skies every Fourth of July. And unfortunately, the shelters have no way to deal with this problem. However, his animal shelter in Phoenix, Arizona came up with a brilliant idea.

The Maricopa County Animal Care and Control started an experimental program called ‘Calming Companions,’ where they invited the public into their shelters to sit with the dogs and cats, during fireworks.

The idea was loudly appreciated by the animal lovers, as almost 200 kind people came out to the event, visiting either of the control’s shelters. They even brought their own chairs and blankets. According to the One Green Planet, they read, played music, and entertained the dogs. Staff at the shelters provided treats, toys, and games that helped keep the dogs and cats occupied, and the joint effort led to a great experience for everyone involved.

“Ever thought about bringing your dog to crowded places? Even worse, crowded places with fireworks? I promise you dogs don’t like it. Tonight was the first year Maricopa County Animal Shelter presented ‘Comfort the Canines’ … approximately 200 people came to help the pooches. Some people sang to them, some people read to them, some people just sat there and gave treats! it was so so awesome because the dogs absolutely love the attention and were focused on the people and not the fireworks going on outside,” Amy Engel, one of the volunteers said.

This Calming Companions’ initiative was a really successfully one. As it is less than a month until this year’s event, it is likely the event will be repeated. Maricopa County Animal Care and Control works tirelessly to care for the animals in their community, helping pets be reunited with their families and finding stray animals loving new homes. If you are looking to adopt, volunteer, or help in any other way, please get in touch.

Source https://www.onegreenplanet.org

Heartbroken woman tearfully reunites her stolen dog after two years

It wasn’t a single dry eye in the room, when this heartbroken lady finally reunited her dog after more than two years.

Though her Husky suddenly disappeared and he was nowhere to be found, Kameroun Mares never lost hope. Fortunately, her story has a very happy ending!

Kameroun initially met Semper Fidelis years ago, when the adorable dog was just a little puppy. The woman was fighting for her life, due to a terrible form of cancer, and all she wanted was a furry companion to comfort her. The dog’s name which means ‘Always faithful’ in Latin, reveals his personality – always faithful and extremely loving. He was the dog that Kameroun ever dreamed for.


The adorable duo was inseparable and everything looked so perfect. Yet, in 2016 something horrible happened. Kameroun travelled to California for his treatment and it would have been extremely difficult to take her dog with her, so she left Semper in her roommate’s care. But unfortunately, she got a call shortly after that announced her Semper went missing. The poor woman was devastated.

As you can imagine, Kameroun had done everything in her power to find Semper. She shared online announcements, she spread flyers through town, she even asked for help to her friends and neighbors, but Semper was nowhere to be found. But even so, the woman never lost her hope and she kept searching for him. Eventually, she decided to hire a private investigator. It is when the things had a strange turnaround.


“For a year, I kept searching while in California, posting up fliers via pet sites, calling 15 vet places around were I used to live over there about him, calling the humane societies about him, shelter,” Kameroun told THE DODO. “When [I] asked Ana Campos for more help, she suggested to check her AKC Reunite chip again. So she went to the humane society in May 2017 and they checked online …That is when she discovered that a year earlier, on April 11, 2016, a woman added her name to Semper’s chip.”


Apparently Semper got microchipped a 2nd time, but without a previous check to know if he has one or not. Then, the adorable Husky was listed for sale online with a $200 tag. Practically, this was the reason he was nowhere to be found. Finally, after over two long years of tears and hope, Kameroun and Semper were about to meet again in a very touching reunion.

“I see him as extension of myself and my heart,” Kameroun said. “I am glad I have him back in my arms!” Watch the emotional moment, bellow!

In the end, Kameroun found out that was her ex-roommate the one that sold the dog, in the firs place. “He was stolen and sold by her roommate 2 1/2 years ago,” Ana Campos wrote on Facebook. “She was told he was lost on April 30, 2016. But on April 11, 2016 the buyer added their name to his AKC Reunite ‘registered chip’. They registered this registered chip on Petkey pets instead. Petkey pets did not bother to see if he was chipped already.”

Huge rescued gorilla and tiny wild bush baby share heartwarming moment

When it comes to unlikely friendships, wildlife never cease to amaze.

As a fact,  a massive 450 pound gorilla sharing some tender moments with a 0.5 pound wild bushbaby is definitely a sight to behold.

Over 300 rescued animals live at Ape Action Africa, Cameroon – a sanctuary dedicated to the conservation and protection of endangered primates as gorillas, chimpanzees and monkeys. Bobo – Western Lowland Gorilla is among the first residents at the center, founded back in 1996. The huge male arrived at the sanctuary when he was only 2-year-old, after loosing his mom due to poaching. And back then, Bobo was far from the strong dominant male he’s now.

Even though he’s such a fearless looking creature, Bobo is nothing but a gentle giant. And recently, his gentleness blown away even the caretakers at the sanctuary. While on their morning checks, the caretakers could not believe their eyes when they saw Bobo sharing an adorable moment with his newest and the most unusual friend – a wild bush baby.

“Our silverback gorilla Bobo made a surprising new friend this week — a wild bush baby!” Ape Action Africa wrote in a Facebook post. “Caregivers discovered him cradling the tiny primate during their morning checks, and were amazed to see him handling it with the utmost care.”

Most likely the tiny creature had been living inside Bobo’s group enclosure. But even so, it’s quite fascinating to watch it interacting in such a friendly manner with its giant neighbors. “The bush baby showed no fear of Bobo,” Elissa O’Sullivan, spokesperson for Ape Action Africa told Bored Panda. “He moved around his body and spend his time hopping around in an open grassy area, before choosing to return to Bobo.”

Wild bushes are normally nocturnal animals, so watch a bush baby hanging with a bunch of gorillas in full day light, was even more fascinating for the caretakers. “Bush babies are usually nocturnal, so it is very rare to see one during the day,” a staff member said. “We have never witnessed a wild primate interacting with a rescued one at Mefou Sanctuary.”

The other gorillas – three females and three young males, soon became very interested in Bobo’s new friend. However, Bobo suddenly became overprotective with his tiny companion and he kept his group away from it. “Bobo’s group-mates were desperately curious, particularly his favorite female Avishag, but he kept them all at a distance, making sure that no one disturbed his new friend,” the sanctuary wrote. “The little bush baby was happy to play in Bobo’s arms, hopping off to explore the grass nearby, before returning to Bobo’s hand.”

h/t: thedodo | boredpanda

Dogs Trained To Protect Wildlife Save Over 45 Rhinos From Poachers

Dogs are our best friends, it’s something we have heard a lot before. They’re smart, loyal, goofy and always have your back.

A K9 response unit in South Africa is making itself known for fighting poachers and protecting wildlife, even better than humans.

Whether Beagle or bloodhound, no dog is too small to be part of the team. They boast a success rate of 68 per cent, compared to the 5 per cent when they aren’t around.
They begin their training when they are just small puppies and grow into adult dogs that provide great assistance to the park rangers.

In fact, they’ve already saved over 45 rhinos from being poached in South Africa.

A ‘K9 Master’ named Johan van Straaten at the college says: “The data we collect for this applied learning project, aimed at informing best practice, shows we have prevented approximately 45 rhinos being killed since the free tracking dogs became operational in February 2018.”

South Africas is home to 80% of the worlds rhino population, and therefore the job that these dogs do is crucial for their survival.

“In the areas where the Southern African Wildlife College patrol, the success rate of the dogs is around 68 percent using both on and off-leash free tracking dogs, compared to between three to five percent with no canine capacity,” van Straaten said.

“The game-changer has been the free tracking dogs who are able to track at speeds much faster than a human can, in terrain where the best human trackers would lose spoor.”

“They begin training from birth and are socialized from a very young age. They learn how to track, bay at a person in a tree, and follow basic obedience,” he explained.

South Africa is hit hardest by rhino poachers due to the high population and high number of poachers, therefore there is nowhere better for this project to be active.

All image credits go to: Caters

“At six months we put all that training together more formally—they do have the necessary skill set to do the work at a younger age, but are not mature enough to handle all the pressures of real operations. Depending on a number of factors, dogs become operational at around 18 months old.”

Mailman Takes Selfies With Every Animal He Befriends Along His Route (20 Pics)

Dogs aren’t typically the biggest fans of mailmen, but Angelo Antunes AKA the ‘Animal-friendly postman’ is breaking barriers.

While on his daily route, Angelo takes his time to greet the dogs and cats he meets along the way, and even takes a quick selfie with them.

It can take some time to befriend a dog or cat and requires some work to get them to trust you, Angelo is patient and approaches each pet slowly over time.

Now, he has many selfies with lots of happy animals that he has befriended along his daily route.

From little pups to huge hounds, dogs of all sizes love him, you can see how they show their affection by licking his face and giving him cuddles.

If you thought this couldn’t get any better, turns out that Angelo not only befriends animals but also rescues sick animals in need of medical care.

He dreams of opening up his own shelter one day so he can continue helping those in need.