Sweet Pit Bull Finds Wild Baby Bunny And Adopts Him

This is so sweet! Sharky the Pit Bull found a wild baby cottontail bunny in the backyard and decided to adopt him. What’s the first thing he does? Give the rabbit a cleaning, of course!

Sharky has interacted with all kinds of animals in his home including chickens and cats so no wonder he took a liking to the rabbit.

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The white tiger and the lion have given birth to cubs, they are just such a beautiful couple

This handsome lion and tiger can definitely be regarded as one of the most wonderful and impressive couples in the world.

These kind of species, of course, exist in the list of different cats, but only the unique ones can form a good union together.

And it is noteworthy that the probability that these wihte lion and white tiger will form a pair and even leave a generation is extremely low.

In general, there are only 1,200white tigers and 300white lions in the whole world. When this two got together in year 2014, it was a huge event all over the world.

They met for the first time in the Safari park.

This type of lions an tigers live in this place. This is a very unique park, where visitors can meet very rare species of animals.

In 2014, the tiger gave birth to 4 small ligers. It means half lion, half tiger. they are so beautiful, so cute, the only ones in the world.

Even being 6 weeks old, each of them already weighed 7 kg and more. They grow very fast, gaining more than 400 g per day.

It is not ruled out that one day they will be considered as the biggest cats in the world.

In fact, it turns out that their uncle is the biggest living liiger in the world.

Reserve veterinarians say these ligers weigh as much, if not more, than their uncle.

They definitely have so amazing beauty and are different from all other tigers or lions in the whole world.

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Horse reunites old friend 4 years later, even owner is caught off guard by horse’s reaction

Humans make lifelong friends, but does animals do the same?

Well, this woman finds out as she was about to reunite three horses who had been friends since they were foals. Nonetheless, she could have never guess what would happened next!

According to Shareably “Sue Blagburn raised three horses in Mustons Field, England. The horses, named Arthur, Harry, and William, grew up together as best friends. Unfortunately, when Sue transitioned her career into equine facilitated learning and therapy, she was forced to give Arthur up. Arthur spent the next four years as a sports horse for high-class private competitions and events while his friends traveled around England with Sue.”


While Harry and William lived together in Firle, East Sussex, Arthur was living his high-class live, far away. But that until one day, when Sue decided to repurchased her horse. When she brought him back, she guessed they’ll recognize each other. However, she never imagined their incredible reaction when seeing each other after such a long time. The reunion was so touching. After several loving nudges, it was time for a jog. Arthur, Harry, and William took off running in long laps around the field.


“I knew that they would recognize each other,” Sue explained, “but this is so much more deep than I thought possible, and… it’s so extraordinary.” The woman was so surprised that the horses could keep such a close bond after so many years. “William is quite bossy,” she explained. “He wouldn’t let any other horse do what Arthur is doing.” It’s really incredible to see that animals do have feeling too!


The horses are now the star team of Adventures with Horses – an organization that “offers learning and growth through the naturally occurring therapeutic opportunities horses can provide, in order to develop potential, self-awareness, and skills.” These horses are the perfect proof that animals do make friends for life, just like humans. Watch the heart-warming moment in the video bellow!

People Are Obsessed With This Adorable Chihuahua With Curious Appearance

Internet sometimes gets blasted with special and inspiring dog stories that can surely melt your heart away. Such is the same for Lucky, a 2-year-old dog who lives in Thailand with his owner, Charice Fca Cha. Lucky became an instant hit because of his curious and unique appearance.

“There are so many reactions,” Charice told The Dodo. “Some people are stunned, excited, surprised. People want to meet him.”

“Some people think I used a permanent pen to draw his eyebrow or photoshopped his face,” she said.

Thankfully, despite looking outwardly different, Lucky is in good health, and he is so happy when he found someone to love him both inside and out.

“He’s a very clinging guy,” Charice said. “He sticks with me everywhere all the time.”

For Charice, the most special thing of Lucky is not his two-different colored eyes or his dark eyebrow, it is the friendship he shares with her. She’s looking forward to a happy life with that adorably eye-catching pup by her side.

“I think we will have a fun and very happy future,” Charice said.

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Adorable baby Clydesdale spots mom during performance and steals the show

It happened, not just once, for uninvited baby animals to interrupt moments and send everyone into laughter. As it turns out, these cute little things have a very special gift to steal hearts all over the place, just because they’re so innocent and pure and foolish. So thank God, these kind of moments are being recorded, so we can use them as our daily dose of good vibe.

Youtube Screenshot

Such an adorable scene has been recently unfolded during a rodeo performance, but it wasn’t the well-trained horses that stole the spotlight (as they should judging by their incredible performance), but a tiny foal who accidentally found himself surrounded by a cheering crowd. The beautiful moment was caught on camera and it is pure internet gold ever since.

Youtube Screenshot

The short, and now viral footage, shows a bunch of gorgeous Clydesdales horses performing in fronts of some heavily crowded stands. But just when the performance was close to its peak, something very hilarious happened. A baby Clydesdales came out of nowhere and stole the show. Of course, that was none of his intentions, but things never turn out as planned!

Youtube Screenshot

Apparently, the foal was not trying to impress anyone, on contrary, he just spotted his mom among the horses, and run towards her. As you can imagine, the momma Clydesdale had no time for her little one at the moment, so the adorable foal wandered around the arena winning everyone’s heart.

Youtube Screenshot

Soon as the heartwarming video emerged online, people completely fell in love with it and their comments perfectly shows it. “I love draft horses so much. Gentle giants. This video is adorable,” one person wrote. But the most appreciated comment by far, was this one: “Other horse: ‘Diane isn’t that your kid over there?’ Diane: ‘Oh Lord, not again…’”

Enjoy the adorable moment below!

Dog who is chained up for his entire life sees the ocean for the first time and his reaction goes viral

As dog lovers we know how important is for a dog to run around and play with other dogs. As a safety precaution, sometimes we need to keep them in a leash, but dogs must be allowed to run freely with no exception.
Unfortunately this beautiful German Shepard didn’t enjoyed a freely life as his uncaring owner neglected him. More than that, Herschel has been stuck to a pole. In the end he was rescued and taken to a shelter to his excitement.

The sun seemed risen again on its street as he was adopted by a new family. But Herschel is a happy, full of joy and energetic dog and that turned out to be to much for his new owners. His temperament was mistaken for aggression. And when is looked like his fate was sealed to spend the rest of his life in a cage, someone just had a room for him.

He was surrendered to Michelson Found Animals who got him the medical and grooming attention he needed. Thanks to Rocky Kanaka and his “Dogs Day Out” program, Herschel experienced an adventure that he would remember for a very long time.

The first thing they done for him was to offer him a day of fun and joy. The road trip started with a few hours of play in the mountain snow. As you can imagine, the new fluffy stuff was really a joy to Herschel.

Herschel was finally free to explore, run and appreciate all that he had missed so much. But the best was yet to come. Their next stop was about to be on the beach. And dog’s reaction when first sees the ocean is incredible. He just could not contain himself.

Watch Herschel incredible reaction when discovers freedom at last!

Father swan takes babies under his wing after mum passed away

This is the heartwarming moment a male swan has been spotted looking after his babies, after their mom has gone. Although the swan couples are known for choosing their lifetime partners, it is still very unusual for a male to take care of the babies in the absence of their mother. Yet, this caring father’s instincts kicked in and thanks to it, his little babies are all safe!

Matthew Raifman

The mother swan, which hatched on the Charles River Esplanade, in Boston, Massachusetts, was found dead in the nest, shortly after hatching. The cause are still unknown. But surprisingly, when the Boston Animal Control came to check on the cygnets, “father swan sat at the nest with their cygnets tucked under his wings.”

The devoted father, apparently took all the responsibilities of a mother as he even carried the babies on his back while swimming on the lake. The beautiful moment was captured on camera by photographer Matthew Raifman, and it is definitely a sight to behold.

“I noticed something was kind of unusual,” Raifman told WBZ-TV. “All the baby cygnets were on top of the papa swan.” He later shared on of his snaps on Instagram, where he described the moment as “one of the most heartbreaking stories in a while!”

Thankfully, so far the father’s efforts seem to pay off as the little cygnets are doing great. “They seem to be doing well,” Emma Feeney, marketing and events coordinator for the Esplanade Association told THE DODO. “You can tell that he’s just a great, great father to them. It’s very adorable. They’ve been through so much, but they seem so strong.”

Everyone at the airport stopped when the service dog laid down and started whimpering

Despite all the controversy regarding service animals, people still love to see a Labrador retriever trained to help. It happened at the Tampa International Airport with passengers full of excitement when seeing this service dog got through security gate. However, when the Labrador retriever laid down and started whimpering, there was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all the viewers..

Suddenly, the dog couldn’t walk anymore. And not because of some illnesses as everyone thought, but for some unexpected miracle. The dog was actually pregnant.

The beautiful Lab, named Eleanor Rigby, was pregnant when her owner was about to board the flight. However, she expected for her dog to give birth only in a few days. However what Diane Van Atter would have never expect was her dog her going into labor while waiting to board the plane at the gate.

Regardless how inconvenient the situation was, they didn’t have a choice, so they lie Eleanor down and allow nature to take its course. And as the dog went into labor, whimpers were heard all over the terminal, so the scene couldn’t pass unnoticed by the whole airport. After all, there was nothing but a truly adorable moment. And a one you won’t see to often, especially in an airport.

Luckily for the mother-to-be , she wasn’t the only dog in there, as her mate olden Nugget was also accompanying the family.

Everyone boarding Gate F80 watched as Eleanor Rigby gave them a free lesson in the miracles of life. And with eight adorable puppies coming out right after each other, there was quite an experience to be witness at.

Passengers put away their books and their phones to watch nature unfold before them at the gate. One passenger told Fox News 13, “I was here since puppy five. It’s on Instagram. We’re getting a lot of likes.”

Kristin Hamilton also used the opportunity to give her followers on Instagram a show.


And the rescue crew got rewarded for their efforts as all the puppies were named after them. “They have our names of course!” paramedic Natalie Brown told. And of course, the last one’s Natalie, it’s a girl!” “And number two is Larry,” her colleague Larry Glanton said..

Although the happy family missed their flight, they found their way home to Philadelphia in time.

Source: http://tinmoi.newspets.info

Sweet lamb politely asks owner for cuddles and warms millions of hearts

Although many of you may think only puppies and kittens adore cuddling, you should know that almost all animals go crazy for petting, from a baby rhino who asked a wildlife photographer for hugs,  to a very friendly seal that enjoys belly rubs from a diver. Nonetheless, none of these so adorable moments, can actually match this extremely cute lamb who asks her owner to pet her!

YouTube/Lee Walters

In a video, that seems caught only to warm your heart, a cute tiny lamb approaches her owner and asks for cuddles. Of course, the man couldn’t resist to such cuteness and he gladly pet the little thing for a few seconds, but surprisingly (or not) the lamb asks for more. She gently touches her human with her hint leg, just like she would say ‘Excuse me, my friend, did I say stop?!’ So, the caring owner pets her again, but apparently the lamb can’t have enough of it.

YouTube/Lee Walters

Even short, the adorable footage went straight to the viewers’ heart as it has been watched for nearly 24 million times. But if you press the play button, you’ll understand why!

“Cute lamb needs attention,” the video caption reads. “Normally they run around and play. But This one stopped and wanted me to pet him for some time…So i did.” Take a look:

Two gorilla brothers emotionally reunite after three years apart

This is the beautiful moment two gorilla brothers are reunited after nearly three years apart. The two primates have been separated as one of them was sent to another zoo as part of a breeding programme. Now they met again at the Longleat Safari Park in the UK, and they appear to enjoy each and every moment of their reunion.

YouTube/ABC News

Staff at the zoo initially feared the two siblings won’t recognize each other, but the moment the two have met surprised everyone. The heartwarming moment was caught on camera and shows Kesho and his younger brother, Alf hugging and shaking hands like they have missed so much to each other. At same point the two brothers even seems to share a joke!

YouTube/ABC News

“We weren’t entirely sure that the brothers would even know each other, but the moment they met you could just see the recognition in their eyes,” said Mark Tye, the gorillas keeper. “They were very animated and there was a lot of rough and tumble on the floor.”

YouTube/ABC News

The unlikely moment came as a surprise, because this sort of moments are very uncommon among the silverback gorillas. Territorial animals, gorilla males are extremely aggressive with each other, even though they are part of the same family.

YouTube/ABC News

“It is quite unusual to see that sort of childlike behaviour in a silverback,” said Tye. “It is great for Alf to have an older brother to look up to and learn from and Kesho seems to enjoy being the centre of attention. It was very satisfying to see.”

Watch the adorable moment here: