Albino Turtles Are Stunningly Rare And Look Like Fiery Little Creatures

Have you ever seen an albino turtle? We have seen albino or leucist whales, penguins, giraffes and tigers, but have you ever seen an albino turtle? They are a sight to behold, with their red eyes and orange skin and shell. They resemble Koopa Paratroopas and are perfectly entertaining. Other albino creatures have their own distinctive appearance, which makes them extremely sensitive.

Albino turtles are far more vulnerable to predators because they lack the cover that their natural coloring provides. As a result, their lifetime is shortened, adding to the rarity of their species. Despite their hereditary disadvantage, albino turtles are fortunate in the albino animal world. They survive longer than other albino species due to the protection provided by their hard shell, yet their lifespan is still lower than that of a regular turtle.

Albinism in turtles differs from albinism in humans or even birds. One pigment is always present in reptiles, which is why they seem red or yellow rather than white. They should be called amelanistic instead, because melanin is the pigment they lack. The lack of pigment affects many portions of the body, including the irises of the eyes, just as it does with albinism.

Albino turtles are so rare and gorgeous that they generate quite a buzz on the internet. An albino pinkbelly sideneck turtle was born with her heart beating outside of her body a few years ago. Hope, as she is appropriately named, became an internet phenomenon and continues to flourish owing to her owner’s care, who chronicles her growth on Instagram.

Albino turtles are uncommon, yet their shell allows them to live longer than other albino creatures.

Credit: Gerry Bishop/Shutterstock

Albino turtles, unlike other albino species, are more yellow or orange in color.

When she was born, an albino turtle named Hope generated a stir online owing to her heart pumping outside of her shell.

Today she continues to thrive thanks to the care of her loving owner.

Meanwhile, this albino turtle has a striking color combination that resembles tie-dye or… a pizza.