After His Mother Rejects Him A Little Foal Seeks Consolation In A Big Teddy Bear

A rescued filly has the sweetest relationship with a huge teddy bear!

Breeze, as he is known, was abandoned by his mother not long after birth. Thankfully, a farmer discovered the baby Dartmoor Hill pony and informed the Mare and Foal Sanctuary in Devon, UK.

The recently born foal was in serious difficulty by the time the rescue crew got on the site. Everyone was afraid for his safety since he was disoriented and dehydrated.

Credit: The Mare and Foal Sanctuary

However, once he was taken to the sanctuary, things began to look up as the tiny one appeared to find the solace he required. It wasn’t from an adoptive mother or from staff, but from a large teddy bear given to him by his guardians.

“Unfortunately, little Breeze does not have his mother around to keep him company,” said Syra Bowden, executive director of the refuge. “It’s been amazing to watch him engage with his new teddies and snuggle up to them at night.” They keep him company and give comfort during the times when his attendants are not available.”

Credit: The Mare and Foal Sanctuary

Apparently, the sanctuary frequently offers plush toys to orphaned animals. “As a companion, we always give our orphaned foals a large cuddly toy,” Bowden added.

“It gives them with the same level of comfort as human newborns.” A strategy that appears to be pretty effective!

Credit: The Mare and Foal Sanctuary

Breeze, on the other hand, is doing much better today after a couple of key weeks during which he received a special milk formula and adequate treatment.

That, too, is the fault of his teddy bear companion. “Every day he becomes larger and stronger,” Bowden added. “He’s only recently begun to venture out into the field to play – he’s fearless and enjoys being outside.”