Adopted Cat With Massive “Glass” Eyes Looks Just Like Porg

Every cat is special in its own way.

Whether it be the different fur patterns, eyes, or colour, you will rarely find cats that look exactly the same. Even when it comes to behaviour, it can vary from cat to cat. Regardless of their appearance or their behaviours, all cats deserve to be loved and cared for. They need a place to call their forever home and people to call family. Even if a cat has a deformity or a special condition, that does not mean that it is not capable of giving unconditional love just like any other cat,

Porg is an adopted kitten that unfortunately suffers from a skin condition called Elhers Danlos syndrome and lens luxations. This causes Porg to have massive “glass” eyes and a very frail and fragile physique. Someone left him in a box on the porch of a veterinarian, who soon became his owner. Porg was found with a neck wound and was underweight. The veterinarian named the kitten after the Star Wars character due to the uncanny resemblance of their appearance.

After healing all of Porg’s wounds, the vet adopted the kitty and he even has his own Instagram account, which gives daily updates on the glass-eyes kitten.

This is what Porg looked like when he showed up on the vet’s porch.

This is the glass-eyed kitten celebrating the new year.

You just can’t get enough of this cutie. He makes our hearts melt in an instant!

We do not know about you, but Porg has certainly secured his place in our hearts. Even with his skin conditions, he is just as adorable as every other cat. He deserves love and recognition like all the others. To be fairly honest, I think he is even cuter than regular cats. Just look at those jumbo bug eyes! How could anyone resist them? Scroll down to see more of Porg, the adorable glass-eyed kitten:


Look at how small he is compared to the other pets. So precious.

We hope this kitty lives a long and healthy life.

What a lovely and lucky kitty to find such an affectionate owner. Would you ever adopt a kitten that looks just like Porg? Do you find him as cute as we do? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.