8 Signs Your Dog is Actually Your Firstborn Child

Remember that beautiful moment when you brought home your first bundle of joy? The whole world seemed to change, become smaller, and begin to revolve around your sweet, innocent – dog. Even if you are now the proud parent of a tiny human or two, you’ll never forget your very first pup. The one that first taught you the joy of loving another creature more than you love yourself. Here are 6 signs your dog is your firstborn child…

1. Your dog’s comfort is more important than your own. After a long, hard day, you just want to crash, but you find your pooch sprawled adorably across your sheets. It’s these situations that separate the dog owners from the pawrents. While some simply command their dogs off the bed, pawrents contort their bodies into advanced yoga poses in order to preserve the comfort of their pups!

2. You refer to your pup as your “son” or “daughter”.

If you regale coworkers, friends, baristas and perfect strangers with stories of little Howard’s first haircut or trip to the beach, you may be a proud parent – or a doting pawrent! If your dog is your firstborn, you want to share every experience with the people around you. Surely they are fascinated by Susie’s remarkable potty training progress…right?

3. You are a “helicopter pawrent”. Is your home decked out with padded corners, cabinet locks, and outlet protectors? Do you insist on inspecting each blade of grass or inch of pavement before your pooch places a precious paw there? Congratulations, you are a helicopter pawrent! But don’t worry, it gets better with time and experience. By the time you have your second dog – or first child – you won’t bat an eye when he puts a dirty toy in his mouth! With that said, there’s no shame in embracing the mantra, “safety first!”

4. Your pooch eats better than you do. You read dog food labels for fun and have tried out several homemade recipes for your little bundle of fur. A healthy diet is imperative for a thriving dog, and you are determined to ensure she eats like a queen – even if it means you have to eat like a broke college student!

5. Instead of selfies, your phone is jammed with snaps of your dog.

Do you have to swipe until your finger is sore to locate a photo that doesn’t feature your dog? Have you given up selfies in exchange for “besties” – photos of you with your four-legged BFF? Some may call it obsessive, but every new pawrent does it! There’s no shame in being proud of your fur kid or wanting to share your joy with the world! So what if your dog has more Twitter followers than you?

6. Your social life revolves around your pup. Gone are the days when you’d head out to the bar after work. There’s a furry little life depending on you now! Instead of Saturday nights on the town, you spend them on the couch with your pup. “Sorry, I have plans with my dog” has become your new mantra, and your friends have all but forgotten your face.

7. Your dog has more toys than you do! The latest iPhone? Yah right! But your dog has more toys than you have space!

As a good pup parent, you know that toys are an important part of taking care of your dog’s body and mind, so you make sure to keep the toy chest full!8. You’ve canceled plans to hang out with your dog Ok admit it, you’ve totally done this right? Who wants to spend a night out with friends when you can cuddle up with your bestie at home? 🙂

Well, how did you do? If you identify with at least 4 of these signs, you are definitely a doting dog pawrent. But don’t worry, you’re in good company!