7 Amazing Things Chihuahuas Teach Us About Life

1. Love Unconditionally The greatest gift dogs give us is unconditional love. They give their love without expecting anything in return, and with no restrictions or limitations. Regardless of what happens, they are faithfully there to love and accept you.

2. Be Persistent When I watch my pups try to get their ball out from under the sofa, I’m amazed at their persistence. They don’t give up just because they can’t get it on their first try; instead they try a different angle, try fishing it out with their paw, or stick their head under the couch. Either way, they will keep trying until they get their ball back.

As adults we so easily give up after the first try. Kids and dogs are persistent, but somehow it gets lost as we grow up.

3. Live In The Moment Dogs aren’t interested in going to the park tomorrow. They want to go to the park today! They’re not worried about what happened yesterday, or what will happen in the future. They are just interested in today.

They live in the moment, and enjoy every minute of it. 4.Play Everyday Life is too short to not play every day. You don’t need anything fancy, just a ball, a stick or even just a big open piece of grass.

It’s the simple things that make dog’s happy; a lesson that we all could learn 5. Always Show Your Loved Ones How Much You Care

Life is short, and you never know what’s going to happen. When your pup greets you at the door with a wagging tail, cuddles with you on the couch, or licks your tears away; those moments are precious.

Dogs remind us each day to always show your loved ones how much you care. 6.Get Enough Sleep Dogs are great at self-care. They rest when they need to, drink lots of water and love to walk and run. They always get a good nights sleep and are excited about getting up to a new day. 7. Things Don’t Matter Dogs don’t care how big your house is, or what car you drive. They are happy with a worn tennis ball, or a stick they find in the woods.

It’s the people in their lives, and love, that matters to them.