16 Times Cats On Catnip Forgot How To Cat

While not all cats respond much to catnip, for the ones that do it’s bound to be a good time all around. Both your cat’s happiness and your amusement will seem endless when your cat discovers all the gravy goodness that comes with catnip. As proof, of course, looking at these seriously hilarious photos of cats on catnip are perfect examples that we as humans can also be endlessly entertained. The faces they make, the positions they manage to cram into, and the frozen in a state of “I can see sounds now” all come together to delight and amuse Internet users everywhere.

So, if you’re not sold on the “should my cat at least try catnip” concept yet, just a nice glance at these 16 cats is sure to convince you that catnip is all about one thing: a really good time.

1. Felix

Felix has achieved maximum comfort while experiencing the joys of catnip.

2. Ah hello there.

This cat’s owner says that his kitty gets super high on catnip and then sits on the couch just like this and watches Family Guy, of all shows, for hours on end. I guess it just goes to show that both humans and cats enjoy Family Guy when not in their right state of mind.

3. My first time

When the catnip hits…

4. They see me rollin’… they hatin’…

This cat is totally down with the nip.

5. What a lovely sight:

Mama put catnip in the food dehydrator. Kitty is in literal Heaven.

6. The exact moment…

That the catnip kicked in, of course.

7. Catnip in the Sun

Because sometimes you just need to take a nap in the sun with your fluffy little butt buried in the catnip.

8. Chewy found the catnip outside.

He looks like he’s peering into an alternate universe… he’s THAT high.

9. Binx

We aren’t so sure Binx the cat can handle her catnip.

10. The first time

This kitty experienced catnip for the first time when this photo was taken.

11. The Cat Stash

You can tell this kitty was not entirely prepared to discover the stash.

12. Sneaky, sneak.

Kitty found the catnip while mom and dad were out and about. At least they got to come home and laugh out loud.

13. When the catnip hits…

Sometimes you just gotta freeze and evaluate the universe’s existence.

14. The chill zone.

This cat’s favorite catnip activity is to chill in plastic bags. What a silly floof.

15. Chaos

When you wake up to find catnip everywhere but your cat is at maximum chill mode… well, you just can’t get mad.

16. A beautiful story.

From beginning to end: a catnip journey.

Catnip can sure make cats go crazy! Other cats might not even react to it. Either way, owning a cat is so humorous and is bound to brighten your life. Check out these comics which sum up life with cats!