16 Neglected Boston Terriers Suffering From Flea Infestations And Wounds Getting Back On Their Paws

Inside the walls of the place they should have called their happy home, 16 Boston Terriers lived a life of pain and neglect.

With their owners being evicted from their house, the dogs were relinquished into the care of the Valley Oak SPCA and appeared to have suffered “horrid” conditions. According to Lydia House, executive director at Valley Oak,

“Every dog suffered from extreme flea infestations. All were anemic due to the fleas. Many had flea allergies that caused hair loss. There were many with untreated wounds, eye conditions, severe dental disease, and neurological issues. They all had long curled nails as well.”

But it seems it wasn’t always that way for the dogs. The owners used to keep up on care.

“We know they had been bringing their dogs in to get vaccinated as far back as 2011.” Downhill Decline Since that time, the Boston Terriers, which have some Fox Terrier mixed in, seemed to fall by the wayside for whatever reason, no longer abiding by regular visits to the vet. “They stopped bringing them in recent years.”

Because they missed regular checkups, the dogs began to go downhill, developing dental issues, wounds, and severe flea infestations. Plus, the owners didn’t spay and neuter any of the original dogs and the population of terriers began to grow until eventually, the number of dogs totaled 16.

Sadly, the dogs would have gone on living this way if the owners hadn’t faced eviction.

Through the dogs were suffering from severe neglect, their owners were torn up over surrendering the dogs. Lydia reported, “The owners were sobbing as they left their dogs with us. Obviously, dogs deserve to live healthy lives without this severe neglect, but there is no doubt the dogs loved their people.”

Getting Healthy But now, the dogs are all in the confident and comforting hands of the Valley Oak SPCA and foster affiliates like Panda Paws Rescue, which took in many of the more severe medical cases as well as a pregnant female.

Lydia shared the healing began with doses of Capstar to kill the fleas. “Soon after, we started dental cleaning and extractions as well as blood work to monitor the anemia and lots of medication.”

She also explained most of the dogs were suffering from “severe anemia” due to the flea infestation and this “can take months to recover from.”

Thankfully, the dogs are recovering under the hard work of dedicated animal rescue workers and only a few of the older dogs have experienced a hard time adjusting. “The hair loss is starting to lessen, and wounds are healing. The majority are happy and recovering.”

“Dogs love unconditionally, which makes our jobs even harder when we see how stressed they are to be uprooted from the only home they’ve ever known. We are grateful the owners reached out, so we could give the dogs the medical attention they needed.”

Thankfully, these 16 Boston terriers and the puppies soon-to-be wound up on the road to their happily ever after years of neglect.

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