15 Amazing Facts About Chihuahua Dogs You Might Not Know

Little Chihuahuas are very popular with glamorous girls who carry them in their handbags. A small dog is loved by everyone from small to large. But how did the little ones deserve such love and devotion? Probably, there is something in these dogs that makes people, again and again, choose a pet for themselves among the representatives of this breed. One of the advantages of Chihuahuas is their compactness and the fact that they look incredibly cute in clothes. But that’s not all! These 15 facts will tell you much more about this breed.

#1 Despite their size, these dogs can be very aggressive and tend to defend everything. To smooth out this character trait, the owners try to socialize them at the earliest possible age. #2 The early versions of Chihuahuas were significantly larger than those we are used to seeing today. But later they were crossed with a small dog of the Chinese Crested breed, as a result of which they came out so miniature. #3 The record for the smallest dog in the world belongs to a representative of this breed named Brandi, whose length from nose to tip of tail is 15.2 centimeters. #4 Chihuahuas are descendants of the techichi, who were also pocket dogs. #5 In 2014

, a flock of Chihuahuas caught up with horror in a town in Arizona Small dogs huddled in flocks and chased local kids, bullied big dogs, shit everywhere, and behaved very badly. The residents of the town received about 6,000 complaints to the relevant authorities before the problem was resolved. #6 In relation to body size, Chihuahuas have the largest brains among dogs. They are easy to train and learn new commands in no time. #7 A Chihuahua named Gidget gained popularity through several commercials and the second installment of Legally Blonde. #8 Chihuahuas live from thirteen to

fifteen years, sometimes longer, they practically do not get sick, they are always active and full of energy. #9 Chihuahuas are very loyal dogs, they are strongly attached to the owner, or to the family in which they grew up. #10 Chihuahuas are unpretentious dogs. They like long walks, eat in small quantities, rarely get sick, even when they are already old. #11 Chihuahua is a popular dog breed in Hollywood. #12 It is not only the favorite dog breed of Paris Hilton and Reese Witherspoon. #13 Marilyn Monroe bought her Chihuahua, Joseph, immediately after signing with Columbia Pictures in 1948. #14 After 60 years, the Chihuahua appears in films and TV shows. #15 Today, many Hollywood stars have a dog of this breed. Some owners who prefer a Chihuahua dog do not even think about the fact that even such a crumb should be taught manners. Chihuahua training is not something

obligatory, but far from superfluous. It is clear that such a miniature dog is unlikely to cause serious harm to others, but it can spoil the nerves. Moreover, both to their owners and to outsiders. #1 It is most reasonable to train a Chihuahua at home as soon as the dog appears in the house.