14 Dogs Who Encountered A Bee That We Can’t Stop Giggling At

No one would ever want their furry friend to get stung by a bee but once the deed is done and you’re done feeling terrible for your poor pooch you may as well take a picture of a swollen snout and have a giggle about it.

It may not be the most productive use of your time but hopefully, your doggo will never make this mistake again so this is your only chance to commemorate your dog’s oopsie. Of course, we feel terrible for laughing at these dogs and their misshapen noses and toes but it was inevitable.

1. And you thought boxers had big jowls before…

At least she looks amused!

2. Sad eyes.

As a lover of doggos I prescribe lots of snuggles and belly rubs.

3. Somehow this doggo looks pleased.

I’m giggling at this dog’s smile!

4. “I said no pictures.”

He looks embarrassed.

5. The birth of an indoor dog.

He deeply resents the outdoors right now.

6. “Hi mom!”

I think he just wanted a snack and bit off more than he could chew.

7. She’s surprisingly perky!

Nothing like a bee sting to make you appreciate the good life in doors.

8. Subtle

I think he’s ready for tomorrow to come, so that today can be done and over with.

9. This poor lil fella

He looks a bit more disappointed than some of the other doggos on this list.

10. Okay, I do feel bad…

for laughing at this one.

11. Sunshine!

This doggo has smiles to share despite her bee sting.

12. His face is a lot bigger

More to love, right?

13. Look at that sheepish face

I want to give snuggles.

14. This doggo has seen the error of his ways.

He will never go near a bee ever again.