11 Facts Only Chihuahua Parents Understand

Long before Taco bell or Elle Woods endeared the Chihuahua to the masses, parents of these mighty minis have been singing their praises. Because aside from rocking tiny sombreros and all manner of bedazzled bling, this breed makes every day “just like senior year, only funner!”

1. They travel light The ultimate travel companion, the Chihuahua can stow as inconspicuously in your bag as you like. Every parent has a “Guess where I snuck my dog into?” story to tell. 2. They are the original Mini Me What’s a Chihuahua’s personality like? Well, just like yours. Especially if raised from puppyhood, this breed often mirrors its parents:

If you’re super social, he’ll be the ultimate wingman. 3. They want you to ask again in a nice way The Chihuahua is super smart and can be trained, but has little tolerance for punishment and negative reinforcement. So, remember to say “please” and “thank you,” mmmkay? 4. They support your Tiny House dream Size doesn’t matter to Chihuahuas, who are perfectly suited to small living spaces. They don’t need a big backyard to be happy, just your unconditional love.

5. They appreciate a warm outfit Don’t tell Chihuahuas, but they are actually quite small in stature and therefore have little natural insulation for chilly weather. They prefer a warm climate or a fabulous puffer jacket from your favorite designer

6. They can play longer than a new Justin Beiber song Fetch? Yes! Chase? Yes! Tug on the rope? Yes! Find the treat? Yes! The Chihuahua has never met a game they didn’t like. (Except maybe Go Outside to Use the Bathroom.)

7. They don’t want seconds Like all petite creatures, there isn’t much room on the Chihuahua frame to hide too many extra treats.

8. They need clear boundaries From extra snuggles to elaborate wardrobes to exotic vacations courtesy of your shoulder bag, the Chihuahua is easy to overindulge and will quickly feel entitled. (Pro tip: don’t fall asleep with your Amazon app open.)

9. They are breakable, but not very house-breakable Easy to love (and maybe squeeze a little too hard), Chihuahuas are not recommended for households with little kids, but don’t worry: the role of the charming toddler who pees where it pleases will be played by your dog.

10. They always volunteer for the Neighborhood Watch With razor sharp smarts, the Chihuahua doesn’t mind letting you know any (and every) time something seems amiss. And by amiss, we mean there’s FedEx package at the door. 11. They’ll grow old with you With an average lifespan of 18 years, the Chihuahua is ready and willing to take up a big piece of your heart and life. (And a surprisingly big part of your bed, if you let them!)