10 Things Only Chihuahua Parents Will Understand

Chihuahua parents: you all get it. This pint-sized breed has a giant-sized personality that makes them a joy to raise. But parents of this breed also have to deal with other people who may not understand why anyone would want to have a

dog this small.

Here are 10 things that only Chihuahua parents can understand when it comes to owning this special little dog. Do you have more to add to the list? Tell us in the comments! #1 – The Feeling When Someone Tells You Your Best Friend Is “Not a Dog”

Just because they’re super tiny, doesn’t make them less of dogs!

#2 – The Embarrassment of Having to Tell the Vet You Injured Your Dog by Sitting on Him “Oh my God, I’m so sorry baby I didn’t see you!”

#3 – You Can’t Have Just One…

They’re sooooo cuuuuuuute!

#4 – Why It Really Should Be Called The “Chihuahua Complex” Instead of The “Napoleon Complex”

Can you believe Chihuahuas used to be wolves? They seem to.

#5 – Having Pee Pads Constantly in Your House Because Your Six-Year-Old Dog Won’t Go Outside to Pee If It’s Too Cold/Hot/Wet/He Doesn’t Feel Like It We love these little divas anyway!

#6 –Putting a Bell on Your Dog so You Can Find Him in Your House

I hear a jingle in the kitchen I think.

#7 – The Feeling of Annoyance When People Laugh at Your Dog’s Clear Signals to Leave Them Alone (Growling, Barking, Etc.) and Say “He’s so Cute” While Proceeding to Try and Touch Him

Only Chihuahua parents understand when to leave one be.

#8 – Strangers Thinking It’s Okay to Just Go and Pick up Your Dog Without Asking

No, their size doesn’t make them a toy.

#9 – The Realization That Your Dog Owns You, Not the Other Way Around

Chihuahua parents figure out pretty quickly they’re not the ones in charge.

#10 – Needing a Separate Closet Just for Your Dog’s Outfits

Sorry, but everything looks good on them!

All this aside, there’s no other dog we’d let steal our hearts. Chihuahuas are the best!

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