10 Best Halloween Costumes For Small Dogs [PICTURES]

Halloween is almost here, and you want the best costume for your small dog. Is your dog as excited as you are? Probably not, but your enthusiasm can make up for your dog’s indifference!

Do you have a costume picked out for your little dog? Honestly, most dogs really don’t like costumes with a lot of bells and whistles. It’s always best to keep it simple on Halloween. If you plan to keep your dog in costume for any length of time, my advice is to keep it as basic as possible. But some dogs are just fine in costumes and like the extra attention and pampering they get when they put their outfits on. Pay attention to your dog’s body language, and if they’re cool with a costume, you can go all out for Halloween!

https://www.instagram.com/p/BiXa1OpDZTp/?utm_source=ig_embed A lot of little dogs, like Shih Tzus and Brussels Griffons, already look a lot like Ewoks, so this costume might be perfect for your pooch! https://www.instagram.com/p/B0vJWNZDEry/?utm_source=ig_embed

Your little best buddy is probably there to help you with all your schemes, so a Minion costume might suit them perfectly!


If your pooch is a big hero in a tiny package, a Superman costume will reflect their inner strength!


For the small pup with buzzing personality, a classic bee costume is about as adorable as they come. No nasty stingers here!

https://www.instagram.com/p/B2urSwrD9HY/?utm_source=ig_embed What could be better for a toy-sized pup than a Toy Story costume? Buzz, Woody, Slinky Dog, or any of the Toy Story gang would fit a small dog perfectly.


Whether you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you love How to Train Your Dragon, or you’re just hyped about flying lizards, this costume will turn your pup into the cutest fire breather ever!


You don’t need to be afraid of clowns when you’ve got your little yapper on your side to chase them off. This Georgie outfit is a nice simple costume that only requires a yellow doggy raincoat and a red balloon!

https://www.instagram.com/p/Bl4C6fYAQBH/?utm_source=ig_embed If you’ve still got your old gold chain from the ’90s and you’re feeling nostalgic, put it to good use with a hip hop star costume for your pooch!

https://www.instagram.com/p/B3Z9VYNDG2f/?utm_source=ig_embed Does your tiny dog go nuts when the UPS delivery person gets to the door? Maybe they can walk a mile in those shoes with a UPS costume!


You can’t go wrong with the classics. A pair of bat wings will help your pup get in the Halloween spirit without being too intrusive. This one is good for pups who like to keep it simple.

Your Dog’s Comfort And Safety Come First If your dog shows any signs of discomfort, unhappiness, or difficulty walking, we advise that you remove the costume immediately. Some dogs enjoy taking part in fun events with their humans and others — not so much.

Each dog has their own unique personality and you need to respect that. If your dog doesn’t like wearing costumes, don’t make your dog wear one. It’s always best to take your pics and then remove any items that make your dog uncomfortable.

Always keep your dog on a leash when trick-or-treating. Make sure they can’t get access to toxic candies on Halloween.

A human holiday is not worth making your dog miserable.

Be safe! Happy Halloween!

Do you have a great Halloween costume idea for a small dog? Does your pup ever like to get dressed up? Please post pictures in the comments below if they do! We want to see!