Meet the adorable miniature horse – And yes, they’re fully grown

Horses are large, powerful, and majestic creatures often seen galloping gracefully.

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Meet the mini horse; they’re just like your normal pony, just smaller (and cuter)

Nature And Wildlife

They appeared around 1600s in Europe and only grew to a maximum height of 97cm.

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Often used to assist dogs, these adorable creatures are very friendly with humans.

Nature And Wildlife

They can make great companions and can spend the day as a lovely and beautiful family pet.

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Miniature horses are usually Falabella or South African Miniature horses.

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Nature And Wildlife

Nature And Wildlife

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Grateful Pelican Won’t Stop Visiting The Guy Who Saved His Life

When Omar El Oud and his father were out fishing, he noticed a gigantic white bird in the middle of the sea. They recognized it was a stranded pelican in desperate need of assistance when they got closer.

“When we initially recovered Ovi, he was bleeding from a leg wound, and we saw his flying feathers were missing, as well as the fact that he was filthy,” El Oud told The Dodo. “We found he had a fever afterwards.”


El Oud investigated how to care for the pelican when they got it back to shore. They were able to bring Ovi back to health with the support of the animal rehabilitation company Lebanese Wildlife.

El Oud used positive reinforcement to train Ovi so he could properly care for him, and Ovi soon learned.

“I’d give him a fish when he behaved well, and I’d disregard it when he didn’t,” El Oud said. “He turned into a really friendly bird toward me in less than a day.” “[He’s] a very clever creature.”

Ovi could no longer fly great distances without his flying feathers, which were very likely plucked by illicit wildlife traffickers. Fortunately, he was already at the ideal location to regain his vigor.

Ali, El Oud’s father, is the manager of Beirut’s Abou Mounir Fishery, a beachside restaurant. Ali was confident that Ovi would be secure at the marina, where the family is well-liked by the residents and fishermen. Protecting and caring for Ovi quickly became a collaborative endeavor.


El Oud fed Ovi around the port until the pelican figured out where the fish came from and became the restaurant’s most loyal patron.

Ovi now waddles into the packed café many times a day for a snack. “Basically, he hangs out down the street from the restaurant and does whatever he wants,” El Oud explained. “However, if he’s hungry and wants something to eat, he’ll come up on his own since he realizes that’s where the food comes from.”


Most of the people at the marina are ignored by Ovi, but he has established an unique affinity with El Oud and his father.

He enjoys having his back and chest scratched, but only by those he trusts. El Oud stated, “He occasionally follows us around and even attempts to connect with us verbally.”


Ovi is healthy and satisfied with his life in the marina a year after his rescue, but El Oud wishes that people had never intervened in his life so that he might have stayed wild.

El Oud stated, “Something like this should never have happened.” “Ovi should not have been in this situation, but sadly, Lebanese bird laws are not adequately enforced.”

Ovi has become a restaurant mascot, but his family hopes he may also serve as a representation of how to engage responsibly with wildlife. “Everyone here looks after him. Ali El Oud told The National, “He’s become the emblem of this town.” “Hopefully, he will not get domesticated and will return to his homeland.” We want him to live the kind of life that a pelican deserves.”


Clara was a mother orangutan who shared her home with her daughter. They’re part of the Orangutan Jungle School, a vital program that looks after and trains orangutans for release into the wild.
Everything looked to be going well between mother and daughter, but despite Clarita’s young age, they were forced to part suddenly.

The school is situated on the Indonesian island of Borneo.

Credit: Orangutan Jungle School
Clarita was abducted by a powerful guy, and since she was so young, she began to face the risk of not being able to live by remaining away from her mother.

Fortunately, the team in charge of tracking the orangutans’ movements saw what had happened and decided to assist Clara reconnect with her baby.

Credit: Orangutan Jungle School
They found Clara and Clarita after a week, but they had to be extremely careful to ensure that the reunion was actually effective.

If the mother orangutan finds that her calf has a different fragrance after they have been separated, she may reject it. Worse, it has the potential to harm her.

Clara and Clarita were not part of any pack and lived on their own.

Credit: Orangutan Jungle School
That is why the team planned ahead of time and took great care to show Clara that her baby had returned.

Clarita is carried by a nanny and dragged towards Clara’s cage. She wants them to sniff one other as she keeps a close eye on the mother’s emotions.

” Don’t let him get a hold of her.” It’s possible that you’d like to harm him.”

They burst into tears when they saw the orangutan mother’s reaction after Clarita was taken from her hands

Credit: Orangutan Jungle School
Other nervous caretakers are just a few steps away, waiting for the outcome of this crucial reunion.
After a few minutes, it appears that Clara is overjoyed to be able to see her daughter again, so they decide to unlock the cage so she may finally take her into her arms. Clara did have to pass one more exam, though.

“Occasionally, the mother rejects the offspring and abandons them to starvation. They won’t even offer them milk.”

The caretakers had never witnessed anything like that before.

Credit: Orangutan Jungle School
Clara appeared excited to be able to hug her little child again as they unlocked the cage.

She ultimately lies down next to her after a few minutes, demonstrating that her mother’s heart is ready to receive him. Clarita is hungry, so Clara begins to nurse her after an eager search of her mother’s chest.

Normally, orangutan calves spend the first seven years of their lives with their mothers.

Credit: Orangutan Jungle School
The entire crew breathes a sigh of relaxation. Mother and daughter will be reunited and allowed to live together once more. Clara’s caretaker tries to persuade her that the meeting will be decisive, and that she would no longer have to worry about her little child being removed from her. And he murmurs in her ear, comforting her and reassuring her that they are there to ensure her happiness:

“They won’t take it from you again, Clara,” says the narrator. It will never happen again. It’s all yours.”

Even the coldest heart is touched by the emotional reunion of a mother and her child:

These types of projects ensure that the orangutans are completely healthy and learn everything they need to be able to live on their own again in freedom .

The reunion between mother and daughter is beyond emotional and moving. It shows the enormous importance of preserving the life of these beautiful animals.


An utterly cute photo has lately gone viral on the internet. A cute newborn barn owl appears to be late for the most important meeting of its life in the now-viral snapshot.

Hannie Heere, a Dutch photographer, captured the priceless moment on film, and now the world can’t get enough of it.

Despite having loved photography for virtually her whole life, the 63-year-old Dordrecht-based photographer has just recently embraced it seriously. However, it appears that it was sufficient to catch a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Hannie was out shooting photos outside of town a few months ago when she came upon a barn owl young. Because the adorable tiny creature still had white fluffy chick feathers, it couldn’t fly yet. Baby owls are only able to flap when they are 7-8 weeks old, according to research.

Nonetheless, the chicks’ legs are robust enough to allow them to move around their nest until that time comes.

That’s exactly what happened in this case. The small owl apparently went for a sprint, and the talented photographer recorded the exact moment. What’s the end result? A beautiful shot that made everyone on Facebook fall in love with the adorable newborn owl.

For the PetaPixel, Hannie revealed, “I was laying on the ground.” “This baby bird had not yet learned to fly and was not terrified. “I shot the photo from approximately 5 to 6 meters [about 16 feet] away.”

The photographer, on the other hand, had not anticipated her shot to become so famous on social media, but the charming photo did just that. The woman expressed her amazement by saying, “I was very, very astonished.”

Visit Hannie’s Facebook page to see more of her work!


Animals have no barriers to friendship. While we humans may be hesitant to make friends at times, animals are not. They have the ability to form extraordinary bonds with creatures of other species. An orphaned giraffe finds a closest friend in a young elephant.

A family of three bears, lions, and tigers lives together. A fox that has been rescued sees itself as a member of a dog family. Amazing friendships bloom, causing people to appreciate them.

Credits: @OasisAnimalSanctuary
And the story’s strangest and cutest group is an example. Three German shepherds and two endangered Siberian tigers create a gang and become inseparable. The five overcome the rumored hostility between cats and dogs by cohabiting amicably.

Credits: @OasisAnimalSanctuary
The strong bond first starts between Suria the Siberian tiger and Jenny the German shepherd. The endangered tiger was bred at the Oasis wildlife sanctuary in Senec, Slovakia some years ago. The majestic cat met the dog there and has grown up alongside her friend since then.

Credits: @OasisAnimalSanctuary
The strange buddies like spending time with each other by playing, eating, sleeping, strolling, and chasing one other, yet they never injure each other. They just enjoy themselves by playing games.

When Suria was introduced to the other two dogs name Blacky and Hugo, she got along with her new friends so well. They look like siblings.

The tiger and her three canine companions create a happy and active group. They’re all pretending to fight without injuring each other.

It’s fun to join the gang when Sunny, Suria’s four-month-old cub, arrives. They’ve been living in peace and couldn’t be happier.

Lucia Zustakova, a visitor, and Martin Ziman, a worker at the refuge, document the five animals’ unique yet wonderful connection.

“It’s lovely to see everything, and it’s much better when you’re so close to these beautiful animals,” Lucia said.

The Oasis nature sanctuary, which was founded in 1999 and is administered by Yveta Irsova, the owner of the three German shepherds, was established in 1999. With her breeding effort, the sanctuary hopes to prevent the extinction of Siberian tigers. There are now 28 tigers living there, 23 of whom were born there.

See more photos of the pack below!

Grieving Stray Dogs Attend The Funeral of The Woman Who Fed Them

When friends and family mourned the death of Margarita Suarez of Merida, Mexico, they were stunned when several stray dogs from the area began to arrive at her funeral, following the hearse as her body arrived.

Suarez had cared for the neighborhood dogs and cats by feeding them every morning. She would carry a bag of food with her and attend to every stray she came across, sometimes giving them extra treats as well.

The dogs all remained at the funeral until Suarez’ body was taken away to be prepared for cremation, leading her family to believe that the dogs were paying their respects and saying goodbye to someone who had been so good to them.

Toward the end of the funeral, a bird flew in and sang happily, although the species was not know to be native to the area.

A dog’s love is truly remarkable!

1. Mirror 2. Daily Mail

Rescued Fighting Dog Falls Asleep In Savior’s Arms

After what must have felt like an eternity of abuse, this tormented dog was finally able to relax.

Fudge with Rescuer

Fudge’s savior holding the dog close for the first time. Guardian’s of Rescue chose to use a muzzle out of precaution due to the dog’s extensive injuries.

Guardians of Rescue is a New York based non-profit organization that saves dogs every day from horrific conditions, often involving dog fighting, hoarding, and other forms of abuse. Their most recent case, a pit bull now named Fudge, was found wandering a woman’s yard lethargic and in incredible pain. Instead of ignoring the furry heap, the concerned citizen called GOR, and saved Fudge’s life.

Fudge Injuries

Fudge’s body is covered from head to toe in old scars and new wounds as a result of being used for baiting in an illegal dog fighting ring. His legs have been shredded and consumed by infection, his lip bitten through, and his cheeks left punctured and swollen. However, despite the torture he endured, Fudge has proven to be the sweetest patient, even falling asleep in his caretakers arms during medical treatment.

This isn’t Fudge growling, this is him SNORING! He was so exhausted after his ordeal that once his adrenaline subsided, he crashed. He knew he was in loving hands and knew he could relax. Thank you to the doctors and staff at the Animal Health and Wellness Center in Setauket for caring for Fudge so late at night!

Posted by Guardians of Rescue on Thursday, April 9, 2015

This story does have a happy ending. Only a few short hours after joining his foster family, he was “foster failed.” A cute way of saying Fudge’s fosters couldn’t stand to see him go. Fudge is now loved and cared for by a family with two young girls and a pooch named Oliver.

Fudge Foster FailFudge Foster Brother

Thanks to the love and dedication of his rescuers, caretakers, veterinarians, foster family, and many followers, Fudge is finally able to live the life he deserves.



1. Guardians of Rescue 2. Life With Dogs

‘Super mom’ spotted on a Minnesota lake — with 56 ducklings in tow

Wildlife photographer Brent Cizek decided to visit north Minnesota lakes for some photos. He was hoping to capture some intimate scenes of animals in their natural habitat. But in the end, Brent had no idea how intimate he would get.

“Well, it wasn’t the greatest idea as it was quite windy that day and the waves were tossing my boat around in any direction that it wanted to,” Cizek told MNN. “I decided to carry on, knowing that it wasn’t likely that I would see anything, much less be able to take a photograph with the choppy water.”

After a ride with his tiny boat on the lake, he then steer it at the shoreline. In the next moment he spotted what seemed to be a bevy. When he edged nearer he could see there was a mother duck and few ducklings. Only that the few turned into few dozen.

“The closer that I got, the more my heart started racing as I had never witnessed something like this before,” the photographer explained. “As I got closer, the group decided to start swimming back out into the lake, and ‘Mama Merganser’ got out front and all of the chick got in tow. I knew that this was going to be a once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity, so I immediately tried to fire off as many shots as I could, just hoping that one of the photos would turn out.”

The super duck mama was being followed by a staggering 56 ducklings. “I found one image that was in focus and that I just loved,” he says. “I knew that it would do good on social media, so I posted the photo right away.” And it doesn’t took too long until his image went viral on social media.

However, at a closer look it turned out there were even more. “I was able to then count 76 babies with her, so she had picked up more babies along the way,” he said. “It’s been remarkable. It’s going to be a sad day when they continue their migration.”

Most likely that wasn’t just a single brood, but a mixed family. But despite that, this duck is certainly the mom of the year!

Img credit: Brent Cizek

Stray Dog Found Curled Up In Snow Keeping Poor Orphaned Kittens Warm

Over the weekend, while driving on a freezing cold night in Ontario, Canada, a Good Samaritan spotted something that made her stop.

  There, curled up on a snowy roadside, was a shivering stray dog. But she wasn’t alone.  Though the dog could have found a safer place to pass the night, she wasn’t just thinking of herself. A closer look revealed the kind pup had wrapped herself around five orphaned kittens, whom she was cuddling to keep warm in the biting temperatures. The Good Samaritan, in turn, saved them all from the freezing night by taking them to the Pet and Wildlife Rescue shelter. But by then, an incredible bond between the dog and kittens had already been formed.  For rescue staff, learning the circumstances of this case made one thing clear: the pup had saved the kittens’ lives. “It’s truly heartwarming!” a shelter spokesperson told The Dodo. “It had been a very cold night so these kittens would have had a very hard time surviving.” The kittens are now safe, but require treatment for flea and worm infestations. Meanwhile, the sweet stray dog who saved them insists on overseeing their progress with regular visits — much like a proud mother. 

 It’s still unclear where the dog or kittens came from originally, or if they knew each other prior to that night. Pet and Wildlife Rescue is hoping an owner will come forward to claim them, but if not they’ll be put up for adoption. Thanks to that brave pup, however, a sad ending for the kittens was transformed into a happy one. “Our staff sees many difficult situations on a daily basis and stories like this one make every heartache worth it,” the shelter said.

Loving Duck Won’t Let Anything Hurt His Favorite Little Boy

Not only does this lucky little boy bathe with a rubber ducky, but he also bathes with a real-life ducky too!


In 2016, Jennifer Young decided to adopt a duckling into her family when her son, Tyler, was only a few months old.

What she didn’t predict though was how quickly or how well the pair bonded.


Bee AKA Beaker the duck has been Tylers best friend ever since then, so much so that Tyler’s first-ever word was “duck.”


Speaking to The Dodo, Young says “They did everything together: play, eat, nap, etc.,” Young said. “Luckily he [Bee] was easy to train with a harness.”


Wherever Tyler went, Bee was sure to be close behind him, “From the time these two get up till the time they go to bed, it’s chaos.”


Bee would beg for food from Tyler when he was eating, and of course, he would find a way to sneak it to him.

The pair would tear apart Tyler’s room together, and both look equally as guilty as they shared the blame.


Bee is also “very protective of his boy. If I am holding Tyler and he’s crying, Bee is at my feet quacking, making sure he’s not hurt.”


Young had owned ducks before, but Bee is the first ‘inside duck’ she has ever kept, and therefore he has to wear a diaper, just like Tyler!

“At first I laughed out loud when I learned people kept ducks inside wearing a diaper,” Young says. “Bee is just as loyal, smart, and sweet as any dog or cat.”


“As far as Tyler knows, having a pet duck is the thing to have,” says Young. “He loves his Beaker, and he will tell you just that.”